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  • Bestselling Book: SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication, by Gayle Cotton

    “This is a perfect cross-cultural communication tool for anyone who does business globally. Gayle uses interesting and amusing examples to illustrate the hows and whys of effectively sharing messages with someone from another culture. Her naturally friendly writing style addresses delicate issues in a graceful way. Read this book and you’ll be ready to Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere!”

    - Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

    “This is an excellent guide to being more effective and comfortable with different people from different cultures – essential for anyone who travels to other countries.”

    - Brian Tracy, Author - The 10 Disciplines of Exceptional Leadership

    When it comes to the secrets of communicating with different cultures, most cross-cultural communication books are only concerned with, “what we should do or not do”. Unlike othe...
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    Bestselling Book: SAY Anything to Anyone...
  • Keynote Speaker - Gayle Cotton

    President, Circles Of Excellence, Inc.
    International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

    Looking for a good speaker?

    National Emmy Award Winner, Gayle Cotton, delivers Professional Speaker Presentations & Keynotes for any topic from the Circles Of Excellence Corporate or Custom Training Programs.

    Gayle is an internationally recognized authority on Cultural Science and author of the Bestselling Book, 'SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! - 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication'.

    Gayle educates, entertains and inspires audiences around the world with her fresh, unique and humorous approach! Giving new meaning to creativity and productivity, she is on the leading edge of Business Communications. Her vast experience living and working abroad has made her a 'first choice' request for international audiences.

    She is a Certified Expert by 'The Executive Foundation for International Communication'...
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    Keynote Speaker - Gayle Cotton
  • Corporate Training

    Available in half-day programs up to 4 day programs

    The Circles Of Excellence Corporate Training Programs are available as Instructor Led Training in Half-Day up to Four-Day Programs. Each training program topic can be easily custom-tailored according to specific training needs.

    Pre-Training Surveys, Online Profiles or Assessments, and Training Manuals are available with all corporate training programs. Training Licenses are available for Train-The-Trainer and Multi-Media Products.

    Training in languages other than English, or with translators is an additional option. We train for all sizes of companies, in all industries, including the largest multi-national companies worldwide. To learn more about our Standard Training Programs, simply click on the topic below.

    Professional Development Programs

    Communication Skills Training

    Cross-Cultural Training

    Customer Service Training

    Diversity Trai...
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    Corporate Training
  • Executive Coaching

    Increase your Executive Performance

    We offer Executive Coaching for all levels and needs of business leadership. Corporate programs are available for Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Management Coaching and Sales Negotiation Coaching. All Executive Coaching programs are customized for the various levels and competencies of executive leadership. We assist executives with strategically managing workplace and cross-functional situations by understanding different leadership or communications styles, identifying performance gaps, establishing goals or objectives, contingency planning, and managing organizational issues.

    There are specific executive coaching strategies for delegation skills, conflict resolution skills, win-win negotiations, interpersonal communication skills, and cross-cultural business communication. Executive coaching can focus on improving Team Relationships, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Gap Analysis, Strat...
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    Executive Coaching
  • Assessments & Profiles

    Circles Of Excellence offers a full spectrum of online Assessments and Profiles available in self, 180, 360, and ‘team aggregate’ formats. Each provides immediate feedback to the participant through detailed reports and graphs. Confidential professional evaluation, coaching and training is available for continued improvement.

    •Assertiveness Style Profile
    •Change Management Effectiveness
    •Coaching Effectiveness
    •Communication Effectiveness
    •Conflict Style Assessment
    •Creativity / Innovation Effectiveness
    •Customer Service Effectiveness
    •Decision Making Style Profile
    •Diversity & Cultural Awareness
    •Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    •Empathy Style Profile
    •Goal Setting Profile
    •Influencing Style Assessment
    •Insight Inventory Behavioral Assessment
    •Leadership Effectiveness
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    Assessments & Profiles