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  • Instructional Design

    Clarity’s instructional design consultants work with your department managers and executive leadership to help develop talent and performance management practices. They are well-versed in the latest trends in talent management, including social media and mobile devices. They are also knowledgeable in other methodologies, including the competitive assessment model and the coaching and development model.

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    Instructional Design
  • Learning Analytics

    Metrics related to the volume, type, and effectiveness of the training courses offered by your organization provide insights into investments in training and development. This is critically important in maintaining an engaged and sustainable workforce, and in aligning your workforce with the strategic objectives of your organization. Clarity’s consultants can assist you with establishing, reporting on, and analyzing valuable learning metrics.

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    Learning Analytics
  • Learning Technology

    Organizations increasingly rely on learning technologies to manage their training curriculum and deliver it to employees as well as customers. These technologies also satisfy the compliance and tracking requirements associated with mandatory training in highly regulated industries. Clarity’s learning technology consultants can help you select, implement, customize, and integrate these tools to match your organization’s needs.

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    Learning Technology
  • Organizational Development

    Making changes in management, process and culture can lead to extraordinary growth for your company. But implementing change isn't easy. That’s where the experts at Clarity Consultants come in. Our team has successfully helped implement enterprise-wide organizational changes for major companies.

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    Organizational Development
  • Sales Enablement

    Your team and your company count on you for sales enablement. If getting effective training and development for your team feels overwhelming, you’re in luck. The experts at Clarity Consultants have successfully trained the top corporate sales teams.

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    Sales Enablement
  • Training Delivery

    Whether you need a dynamic trainer to facilitate courses developed internally or acquired through an outside provider, Clarity consultants can facilitate effective knowledge transfer. Our training and facilitation consultants are skilled at adapting their presentation based on the audience and the nature of the training.

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    Training Delivery



  • Cristina Mendonca
    Cristina Mendonca

    Vice President, Consultant Services
    Clarity Consultants
    Campbell, California

  • Serafim Mendonca
    Serafim Mendonca

    Vice President, Corporate Development
    Clarity Consultants
    Campbell, California