Extended DISC

Extended DISC® is an online assessment that finds your hard-wired behavior in a simple 10 minute questionnaire!


  • DISC Individual Assessments

    Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications. We tailor our products to your preferences on content, length, and aesthetics. Individual Assessments can also be customized for specific job roles and industries.

    Here is a just a partial list:

    Customer Service
    Sales Management
    Learning Style
    Financial Advisor
    Real Estate Agent
    Healthcare Professional
    Stress Management
    Time Management
    Personal Banker

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    DISC Individual Assessments
  • DISC Team Assessments

    Team Assessments

    The Extended DISC® Team Assessment is a popular tool that allows you to include an unlimited amount of individuals into one, easy-to-use team report.

    The Team Assessment identifies the team and its member’s strengths, development areas, and it’s training and development needs. Our Team Assessment commonly applies to use for Sales Teams, Customer Service Departments, Leadership Teams, Intact teams, and more!

    The feature to add unlimited individuals to a team report makes this tool widely useful to create department, division, and organizational assessments.

    Here are just a few examples of Team Assessments:

    Candidate ranking/comparison report
    Team member selection
    Sales Team
    Special Projects
    Leadership Teams
    Customer Service Teams
    Intact work groups

    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/disc-assessments/#DISC-Team-A...

    DISC Team Assessments
  • DISC Certification – Get Certified Online and On-Site

    DISC Certification is designed for anyone who wants to know DISC like the “back of their hand.”

    Many of us are already familiar with behavioral and personality tests, but we just need more training enhance our practice. Use the DISC tests to build your business.

    Learn what makes our DISC test stand out. Envision a comprehensive DISC certification that trains you in the use of our Extended DISC system. We have the right training for you. Once certified, you can deliver a variety of sessions using our DISC reports. You can integrate them into your leadership, customer service, sales, team, and communication training. In addition, what makes your DISC certification even more effective is that you are not alone. We pride ourselves on our post-training customer support. Our DISC Certification benefits anyone who wants to understand DISC profiles and tools. You will be able to deliver ou...
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    DISC Certification – Get Certified Onl...
  • DISC Training Support Materials

    Extended DISC® Training Support Materials

    Extended DISC® strives to fulfill your wants and needs for training to ensure successful applications of our assessments. We have created an excellent set of training support to enhance your use of the DISC tools. We understand that when you need help- you need it quickly. No one can match our responsive and personal customer service.

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    DISC Training Support Materials
  • Extended DISC Blogs

    Keep up-to-date with the latest in DISC information. Check out our weekly blogs on DISC communication, strategies and tips.

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    Extended DISC Blogs
  • DISC Webinars

    If you missed a live DISC webinar don't worry because we record them and make them available to you! Topics include Misconceptions about DISC Styles, Understanding Team Reports, Buying Styles of DISC and much more!

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    DISC Webinars