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  • Let Them Choose: Cafeteria Learning Style for Adults

    A model for social experiential learning focused on choice.

    Lecturing on its own is ineffective. But what’s the alternative? Combine the best of brain science and learning theory with the power of choice. Deliver meaningful training programs that stimulate your learners, rather than bore them to sleep.

    Let Them Choose shows you how to get participants out of their seats and into station-based activities catered to distinct learning preferences, interaction types, and technology options. Part experiential, part social, and part emotional, the Cafeteria Learning Style model encourages learners to explore and absorb content at their own speed and direction. It puts learners in the best position to succeed.

    Supercharge the relevance of your content by encouraging learners to act, problem-solve, and construct their own knowledge. Apply content (the ingredients) to a variety of interchangeable activities (the recipes) that result in l...
    More Information » www.td.org/cafeteriastyle

    Let Them Choose: Cafeteria Learning Styl...
  • Diversity Works

    Diversity Works is a 3-hour interactive workshop that brings awareness of diversity and inclusion to the workplace. At the core of the workshop, learners choose from nine learner-centered activities, allowing them to decide which activities they want to participate in. Regardless of the activities they choose, learners achieve the same learning outcomes.

    The Diversity Works ready-to-go kit comes with everything you need to host an experiential diversity & inclusion workshop:

    • 1 Set up guide
    • 1 Facilitator’s guide
    • 1 Slideshow with instructional video
    • 13 Color-coded content envelopes
    • Materials for 25 learners
    • Pre & Post Evaluation tools

    For additional information or to schedule a free preview meeting, contact Idea Learning Group @ 503.770.0405

    The Diversity Wheel is adapted from Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe, Diverse Teams at W...
    More Information » www.cafeterialearning.com/diversityworks

    Diversity Works