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The Creative Agency for Learning

Sublime Media

Sublime Media is The Creative Agency for Learning.

We create customized learning experiences rooted in your brand. We offer: program and instructional design, e-learning, visual and motion design, learning portals, and resource placement. Our design approach discovers your content, structures your story, and engages your audience. We call it Corporate Storytelling. It’s an approach that prioritizes engagement to gain effectiveness. Because an engaged learner is a productive employee. Engagement is about connecting employees to the big picture of their jobs, so that they feel that their organization is committed to them. When you show learners that you care, they care.

We are the translators, the interpreters, the writers, and the debaters for both parties – we speak SME; we speak AUDIENCE. This allows us to take content at the beginning of the process and transform it into consumable and engaging training.



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  • Seon Kang
    Seon Kang

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