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  • Cine Award-Winning Video Productions

    The story-based video leader!  Cine Learning Productions' award-winning, best-in-class video has revolutionized the industry with its realism and relevance to your learners. Our filmmaking team does it all from concept to completion. We can captivate and inspire your audience with fascinating characters, fast-paced visuals and sound instructional design.  Our clips help shed light on difficult concepts and soft skills, making it more accessible to the learner. We transform your production from ‘typical’ video education to compelling, professional or humorous video storytelling – shown in research to be much more effective in delivering your message than straight content. Cine Learning Productions won the 2016 1st Place TTV Award for the BEST Vendor Produced Video in the nation!

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    Cine Award-Winning Video Productions
  • Cine Blended Learning Solutions

    It's better blended!  With an ever growing global and/or disparate workforce, companies are always looking for ways to deliver learning using a blended approach of different learning modalities. Cine can make recommendations, then help you design and deliver the perfect approach for your learner audience using Virtual Instructor Led Training, Classroom, eLearning,Video, Mobile, Coaching, eZines, Social Media, Job Aids and Resource Libraries. There is a better way to train and there are more options today than ever. Let us show you how to make the most of today’s learning technology and how to get results!  We wrote the best-selling TD at Work 'Blended Learning That Works' and we know our blends!

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    Cine Blended Learning Solutions
  • Custom Training Transformation for Organizations

    Transformation for workplace learning and training identifies opportunities for improvement. "Improvement" in delivery methods, design approach, and becoming a more effective partner in meeting the organization’s goals.

    Cine Learning works with you to add meaningful transformation to your current programs and services for optimal results with participants. We offer three transformation service tiers:

    Tier 1 – Training Curriculum
    Identify content suited for online or blended delivery, convert programs to engaging, realistic, and effective elearning

    Tier 2 – Training Effectiveness
    Identify how to make the most of staff talents and existing resources to maximize effectiveness for meeting the organization’s priorities and workplace training requirements

    Tier 3 – Training and Operations Success Partnerships

    Identify opportunities for increasing service and/or prod...
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    Custom Training Transformation for Organ...
  • Cine Custom eLearning Solutions

    Combining storytelling, multimedia, engaging characters, situations, and/or state of the art simulations, our modules present your message to your learners in a real-life context.  This learner-centric approach pulls learners in, and they become more invested in the learning, achieving better outcomes.

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    Cine Custom eLearning Solutions
  • Cine Interactive PDFs

    Transform your text!  Make your manuals and pre-work engaging Interactive PDFs. Combining important information with graphics, video, audio, activities and storyline helps ensure that you get results, not just bored learners.

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    Cine Interactive PDFs
  • Award Winning Cine Health Productions

    Patient Education

    Cine Learning Productions’ has won multiple awards in patient education and takes great pride in helping people learn about chronic illness/health conditions through story-based learning, from characters they can relate, whether through culture, age, ethnicity, content type, or language. These characters become a friend to guide the patient through the self-management and prevention of health issues.

    Training for Physicians/Clinicians/Allied Health Staff/EMS

    We can help your staff of healthcare professionals improve quality of care by offering simulated, decision-making tasks, patient-center care approaches, procedures, methodologies, and compliance training. We can also produce training simulations of medical devices and Health Information Technology programs. We have successfully produced eLearning and video training for dozens of healthcare organizations across the U.S. and we have instructional design...
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    Award Winning Cine Health Productions
  • Cine CLT is BETTER Online Supervisory Training

    The Cine Leadership Training series features 8 courses that provide quick, focused, training on specific supervisory topics using eLearning and story-based video scenarios. We polled managers on what courses supervisors need most - and we developed them! Each course is complete and ready to launch in your LMS and for a minimal cost, you can semi-customize the courses with YOUR logo, branding and scenarios specific to your industry. You have unlimited use of the course – no additional fee per user. All courses are designed for individuals currently in supervisory, management, and team leadership positions and all courses play on the iPad, MAC, PC and HTML5.

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    Cine CLT is BETTER Online Supervisory Tr...