Do you know if your employees are qualified?


The MotiveLMS provides companies with a comprehensive learner management solution for employee qualification training activities by automatically managing training, tracking compliance, and notifying training status.

With MotiveLMS, never again will an unqualified employee work at risk. We’ve built our company’s reputation on being flexible, responsive, and customer-service oriented. We work with your processes and systems to implement a customized solution that fits your budget. The MotiveLMS is more than just software and support, it’s a relationship with a team of learning technology experts dedicated to your training success.


  • MotiveLMS / MotiveCAT

    The MotiveLMS is an innovative yet affordable SCORM conformant solution for hosting, delivering, and tracking workforce training. Custom courses and 3rd party content is delivered quickly and easily. Simple to use tracking and reporting features provide instant feedback of talent performance. Media-rich, on-demand learning branded with your company look and feel is delivered to your learners’ computers, tablets, or mobile devices, while effortless monitoring of course progress; completion of skill competencies, and proof of compliance drives your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

    • Courses are branded with your company look and feel
    • Consistent training to many locations at once
    • Training content is easily updatable
    • Training activities monitored to ensure Employee Qualification

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