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We are Talogy. The talent management experts. We craft solutions that screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide. By uniting the leading psychologists, data scientists, developers, and HR consultants we bring the power of psychology and technology together so you can make the best data-driven people decisions. With more than 30 million assessments delivered each year in more than 50 languages, we help clients discover organizational brilliance. Talogy.com


  • AIM Learning System

    Employee learning and development are critical to helping you drive unique value across your organization. Here at Talogy (previously PSI Talent Management) our AIM Learning system is a scalable, job-related competency development program that leverages best practice learning principles to create personalized learning journeys for your employees.

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    AIM Learning System

  • How to Build Personal Resilience

    Did you know that highly resilient employees are 43% more productive and 47% more engaged at work? Did you also know that you can develop personal resilience? Our guide provides insight, resources, and practical tips to help build personal resilience. More »

    How to Build Personal Resilience
  • Building resilient organizations

    It is important, now more than ever, to hire employees with the right knowledge, skills, abilities, and motivations that match both the target job and the culture. Our interview guide will help you discover how to improve your hiring process. More »

    Building resilient organizations
  • Empowering leaders to drive future-proof culture change

    Social and economic changes have come rapidly in the last few years. As your organization works to keep up with external challenges, embracing positive internal cultural change helps you meet these challenges while building a future-ready organization. The key to making this culture change possible is your people — especially your leaders. With the right support, your organization’s leaders can inform, inspire, and enable employees to embrace culture change. In our new eBook, Changing hearts and minds: Empowering leaders to drive future-proof culture change, we cover vital topics like: The importance of future-proof organizationa... More »

    Empowering leaders to drive future-proof...
  • How to counter burnout and fatigue through resilience

    f you’ve lost a valuable employee to burnout or seen productivity and morale decline across your organization, you know how pervasive and damaging this issue is today. So, how can you counter burnout and help your employees thrive? The key is building resilience. Why resilience? Resilience is what allows employees to keep their cool, adapt, and maintain their productivity and passion in the face of challenges and changes at work. In the current fast-paced world of work, resilience is an absolute must. The good news is that it’s not a magical quality employees either have or don’t - it’s something you can help them cult... More »

    How to counter burnout and fatigue throu...
  • Leading in the future world of work

    In 2021, we surveyed 1077 employees, 828 leaders and interviewed 35 HR leaders in 34 countries, to obtain a comprehensive, balanced leadership perspective. Download our Research Report and explore our insights into four critical leadership themes: • The impact of leadership on organizational performance • The impact of leadership on the employee experience • Lessons learned from leadership in the pandemic • Future of leadership – critical challenges and responses More »

    Leading in the future world of work
  • The dark side of hybrid work and how leaders can be a bright light

    It’s clear that hybrid teams have become a fixture of modern workplaces, so it’s well worth considering in detail what effective leadership looks like in this context. Consider how you would answer these questions: What are the challenges of hybrid work for employees? How does this make leadership difficult? How can leaders combat these dark sides and help their hybrid teams flourish? These are a few of the areas we plan to tackle in our upcoming webinar on the dark side of leading in a hybrid environment and how leaders can be a bright light for their employees. Take some time to hear from our experts on this critical topic. More »

    The dark side of hybrid work and how lea...
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