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  • Building Business Acumen®

    As a world leading authority on business acumen, we will bring our best thinking to our partnership with you. We’ve helped organizations implement transformative learning and development initiatives, such as:

    • Improving the speed of informed decision-making.
    • Grooming high-potential employees for career opportunities and retention.
    • Developing sustainable financial acumen as a component of succession planning.
    • Driving a culture of owner/entrepreneur thinking at all levels of the business.
    • Managing change due to a merger or acquisition, growth, or shifts in executive strategy.
    • Aligning department initiatives (HR, finance, engineering, sales, etc.) with business imperatives.

    An investment in custom business acumen training will yield huge dividends on an individual and organizational level. We’ll work with you to co-create a course that’s integrated with your people and corporate strategy and contin...
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    Building Business Acumen®
  • Business IQ® for Sales Professionals

    Today’s customers want a business partner – not a pitch – someone who can help them see the path forward. They want standouts who are more consultative, more savvy when it comes to business, and more engaged in the success and prosperity of their clients. In other words, your best salespeople are good businesspeople.


    Business IQ for Sales Professionals will pull from the learning modules used in our 1-, 2-, or 4-day courses, but instead of diving into your company’s operations and financials, participants will gain a business oriented understanding of their clients. For example, instead of exploring your company’s P&L, we may delve into a client’s P&L and pinpoint line items and strategic challenges that your solutions may directly or indirectly impact.

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    Business IQ® for Sales Professionals
  • Seeing the Big Picture® – Understanding Your Quarterly Earnings

    Quarter after quarter and year after year company executives release earnings and share valuable insights into the operations of the company. What competitive and economic factors are impacting performance and how will the company react to these factors? How do these factors impact consumer and business buying decisions? How well is the company positioned to stimulate customer demand for products and services? Are inventories at appropriate levels, given cash management priorities and the company’s tolerance for risk? How dependent is the company on distributors, carriers, and other third parties?


    Either as a standalone solution or a follow up to the Building Business Acumen® course, our consultants will break down the numbers, cut through the clutter, and help build alignment and increase engagement.

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    Seeing the Big Picture® – Understand...
  • Seeing the Big Picture® – e-Learning

    Our eLearning solution is designed as an electronic follow-up to our best selling book, Seeing the Big Picture. It continues the business case found in the book and has been designed to deepen a participant’s understanding of business and finance.

    With nearly two hours of video content and over 75 learning modules, the solution teaches users to build their business acumen and read financial statements. Designed in two parts, our eLearning can be deployed as either a pre- or post-course solution or as a standalone tool for those times when traditional classroom training isn’t an option.

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    Seeing the Big Picture® – e-Learning