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  • Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

    Prepare finance staff for a successful blockchain integration This 15-hour course will provide an understanding of the
    importance and impact of blockchain on your organization, suppliers and clients.

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    Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting a...
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals Certificate

    Financial professionals will develop their fluency and gain the confidence to make sound strategic decisions regarding  cybersecurity risk and learn what should be done to help protect their organization from cyber threats.

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    Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance a...
  • Data Analytics Executive Series

    Empower your finance leadership with data analysis tools and techniques to make proactive, data-driven business decisions and provide your organization a competitive advantage.

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    Data Analytics Executive Series
  • COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

    Take control of your risk management strategy. Register your staff for the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate. Your staff will learn the concepts and principles of the newly updated ERM framework and be prepared to integrate the framework into your organization’s strategy-setting process to drive business performance.

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    COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certific...
  • IFRS Certificate Program

    If your company has non-U.S. subsidiaries or structures transactions with partners, vendors and customers globally, your finance team needs to be proficient in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The IFRS Certificate Program is a comprehensive curriculum designed for financial professionals and board members. Take all or part of the curriculum.

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    IFRS Certificate Program
  • XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate

    Ensure your staff have the XBRL proficiency to quickly and efficiently create or review high-quality XBRL financial statements. This curriculum is open to CPAs and non-CPAs. CPAs will earn up to 35 CPE credit hours. Participants have two years to complete the curriculum after registering. There is no end-of-curriculum exam to earn the certificate.

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    XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate
  • On-site courses for finance and accounting staff

    Whether you need a quick 4-hour update or several days of in-depth instruction, bringing an AICPA On-site to your office is an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish your organizational goals. On-sites are available with an AICPA Instructor or a discussion leader guide, to allow your in-house expert to lead the course.

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    On-site courses for finance and accounti...
  • AICPA Conferences

    We offer over 60 conferences and workshops every year to help your team stay ahead of emerging finance and accounting trends, changing standards, new technologies. They can network with peers and leaders across the profession. We also offer flexible online conference options. CPAs can earn CPE.

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    AICPA Conferences
  • AICPA Webcasts

    Keep your finance staff informed and engage the profession's experts with the convenience and high-quality content of AICPA webcasts. Your team can attend individually or as a group. Discounts avialable for 5+ registrants. Courses last one to eight hours. 

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    AICPA Webcasts
  • Self-study online and blended learning options

    Your staff can learn at their own pace (from their desk, home or on the road) with on-demand courses. Or, reinforce group study with self-study courses. Contact an AICPA learning representative to build your program. 

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    Self-study online and blended learning o...