Artisan E-learning

Custom E-Learning Development and Handcrafted Learning Solutions Just for You


  • Custom E-Learning Development

    Do you need great e-learning courses that get you clear business results, yet you don’t have the time or know-how to develop courses internally? At Artisan, we work with you and your subject-matter experts to gather, organize, design, write, and build engaging, interactive e-learning courses. Whether you are working with policies and procedures, compliance, product knowledge, computer systems, business skills, or just about any other topic, we can help bring your content to life. We can:

    • Start from scratch or convert your existing classroom training into media-rich, interactive e-learning courses.
    • Create courses that track to your learning management system (LMS) using SCORM standards, or that track to your learning record store (LRS) using xAPI.
    • Develop courses that are accessible to those with disabilities and that adhere to Section 508 standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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  • E-Learning Templates & Prototypes

    Getting started can be the hardest part. Let us jump-start your internal development efforts by designing a custom prototype and set of templates that can serve as the framework for your future e-learning courses. We’ll work together with you on everything from colors and fonts to device compatibility and learning management system integration. Once all the big decisions are made, your team can hit the ground running to create your own e-learning courses.

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  • E-Learning Translation & Localization

    Translating a course is more than just swapping out some text. It also means making important design decisions that streamline the translation process. We work with trusted translation partners to get your course text translated properly while managing voiceovers, reassembling the course, and testing the content across several browsers.

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