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  • BEST Assessments Available Online!

    Four of our most popular assessments are also available online!

    My BEST Profile, My BEST Communication Style, My BEST Leadership Style, and My BEST Presentation Style

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    BEST Assessments Available Online!
  • My BEST Profile

    This is the most basic of the BEST Instruments. It can be used in a variety of ways including team building, communications training, counseling, conflict-resolution, and performance enhancement. My BEST Profile contains two sections: word association and situation analysis - 32 items total. It is easily completed and scored, using pressure-sensitive paper. Interpretive material is clear and concise.


    Also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

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    My BEST Profile
  • My BEST Communication Style

    Here is an easy-to-administer, easy-to-follow instrument that helps participants understand the impact of their style on the communication process. The typical person is unaware of how his/her personality is expressed when communicating with others. Four major styles are identified: Bold, Expressive, Sympathetic, and Technical. In addition to the clarifications of each of the four styles, brief suggestions for personal development are provided. This 18-item instrument can be quickly completed, scored, and interpreted during a training session.

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    My BEST Communication Style
  • My BEST Leadership Style

    Personality type most certainly plays a part in how organizations and people are led. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the different personality types when leading is essential to having productive organizations. For example, a major question is whether or not a person is leading based on his or her personality or on the needs of the organization. Human resource developers can help supervisors, managers, executives and others understand how to modify their behaviors to deal more effectively with subordinates. My BEST Leadership Style can be used in conjunction with other ongoing training because it is administered in a short time and it gives valid and reliable results.

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    My BEST Leadership Style
  • Leadership/Personality Compatibility Inventory

    The Leadership/Personality Compatibility Inventory (L/PCI) helps respondents determine and understand 3 major factors affecting their leadership: basic personality style, present leadership role, and the compatibility between the two. The instrument consists of 2 inventories: a personality inventory and a leadership role inventory. The respondents first learn about their dominant personality using the Brewer framework: Bold, Expressive, Sympathetic, or Technical. Their leadership role characteristics are determined by their organizational environment: Active/Competitive, Persuasive/Interactive, Precise/Systematic, and Willing/Steady. A full interpretation is included.

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    Leadership/Personality Compatibility Inv...
  • Working with My Boss

    How many times have you heard about boss-employee personality conflicts? Many people quit their jobs or simply grin and bear it because they don't relate to their supervisors or managers. Working With My Boss uses the BEST personality dimensions to help people understand the personality of their bosses and what they can do to work successfully with them.

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    Working with My Boss
  • PEP/ Pre-Evaluation Profile

    This is one of the BEST Instruments which asks the taker to think of the behaviors of another person. The taker must know the other person well enough to make valid observations. In this instrument, however, one of the outcomes is that the taker (in this case the one who will evaluate a follower) is asked if he/she knows the employee well enough to evaluate his/her performance. This is a good exercise in itself. Formal and informal employee performance or evaluation reviews are part of a supervisor's role. Employee reviews should help the employee focus on how to improve performance and give supervisors information about how to assist. The major question is: What do I need to know about the employee and myself before I can fairly observe the employee's performance? This can be done by giving you an opportunity to conduct a pre-evaluation analysis of the employee's personality type as well as your own.

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    PEP/ Pre-Evaluation Profile
  • Our BEST Team

    Using the BEST personality factors, Our BEST Team allows a team to examine the individual personalities of its members. The instrument is non-threatening and should be introduced early in a team's development process. Teams dominated by any of the four personality styles might lead to ineffective actions. Trainers can help team members understand how they fit into a team effort based on their personality type. Those who assign personnel to teams need to know how the team will solve problems because of the collective personality of the team. In addition, team members need to know how to avoid unproductive behaviors. The instrument includes profiles for four team members.

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    Our BEST Team
  • My BEST Presentation Style

    Presentation style is a function of personality style. An Expressive, for example, is convincing, enthusiastic, and sensitive to audience response. However, he or she may talk "off the cuff" instead of being fully prepared. He or she may leave the audience feeling good, but with no practical information. Trainers, conference leaders, sales consultants, and others use My Best Presentation Style to improve their own presentations.

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    My BEST Presentation Style
  • Behavioral Inventory

    This is one of the most effective feedback instruments on the market. It’s simple, fun to administer, and very informative. Used by many companies to measure the effectiveness of their leaders, this single-page instrument consists of 32 questions designed to assist managers, supervisors, and team facilitators in understanding how they are perceived by their peers and subordinates. Non-threatening and prone to stimulating productive discussions, Behavioral Inventory has only one requirement --- the taker (rater) needs to know the other person well enough to rate him or her. Most corporate trainers use Behavioral Inventory in conjunction with My Best Profile ; they are complementary instruments.

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    Behavioral Inventory
  • My BEST Training Style

    This “TRAIN THE TRAINER” assessment is designed to help you understand your own personality type, understand the personality types of those you train,improve basic training techniques using your knowledge of personalities, and develop more positive relationships with those you are training.

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    My BEST Training Style
  • My Timestyle

    My Timestyle is a compact instrument that can be used as part of a supervisory skills/management development experience or separately as a time management discussion starter. Sixteen items yield accurate information about an individual's time awareness and people awareness. Four time styles are identified by the instrument: Road Runner (high velocity person who does not waste words or time), Race Horse (time conscious team worker), New Pup (believes people are more important than time), and Tom Cat (independent worker with a low awareness of time and people). The style names interject a sense of humor into the discovery process.

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    My Timestyle
  • Sales Style

    In every sales transaction, the salesperson's general behavior pattern shows through, for better or for worse. By learning about sales style, salespeople can capitalize on their strengths and avoid unproductive tendencies. Sales Style identifies 4 general patterns: the "Quick-Sell" type, the "Talkative-Sell", the "Persistent-Sell", and the "Precise-Sell". Sales Style helps salespeople recognize their patterns and develop new approaches. Composed of 18 items, this instrument is easy to administer, score, and interpret.

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    Sales Style
  • Negotiating Style

    Understanding personality types is critical to successful negotiating. By knowing your own style, you can avoid unproductive behaviors. At the same time, you can take advantage of this knowledge to ensure more productive negotiating results.

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    Negotiating Style
  • Quality Service Audit for Employees

    The Quality Service Audit for Employees helps employees review the keys to improving quality customer service. Based on research of successful customer service results by major companies, the Quality Service Audit for Employees is the only instrument on the market that lets the employee look at self. It also provides a great launching pad for customer service training and improvement.

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    Quality Service Audit for Employees