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Save time, save money, and train smarter with the help of BLR Learing.

BLR Learning

BLR Learning is ready to help you transform the way you train. From helping employees acquire new skills to providing comprehensive leadership training, our tools and resources can benefit organizations of any size. With BLR Learning, you can:

  • Save time and money: With the ability to train anywhere, anytime and a training cost per employee that equals less than what you would spend on a cup of coffee, it’s easy to see how BLR Learning is a cost-efficient, time-saving training solution.
  • Train in a way that works for you: Whether you’re looking for a quick training session or are need an approach that allows you to continually reinforce skills throughout the year, BLR Learning has you covered with options ranging from traditional online learning courses to microlearning offerings to onsite training.
  • Completely customize your content: You can control the how, what, when, and where to meet your individual training needs.
  • See results: From engaging online and microlearning courses to management workshops to helpful resources like articles, checklists, and quizzes to expert advice that’s just a click away, we’re confident BLR Learning will help you master your ongoing training challenges.

If you’re ready to train better, faster, and smarter, look no further than BLR Learning.



  • TrainingToday Online Training

    TrainingToday provides online education programs for employees and supervisors. We offer an extensive course library on hundreds of workplace topics, engaging and interactive presentations, and valuable training tools. We’re also mobile friendly, so you can train anywhere, anytime.

    In order to fit into your training plan, TrainingToday offers multiple LMS delivery platforms for you to choose from, including a Professional version and an Enterprise version. TrainingToday Enterprise gives you the power to customize courses to best meet your organization’s specific standards and practices. TrainingToday Professional is the easy, budget-friendly system for training for supervisors and employees. With Training Today’s online training solutions, it’s easy to see how you can completely transform the way you train your workforce.

    More Information » trainingtoday.blr.com/solutions/online-training/?&...

    TrainingToday Online Training
  • Bluepoint Leadership Development

    Bluepoint Leadership Development works with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build better leaders. With complete leadership development solutions that include design, preparation, workshops, assessments, blended and rapid learning, coaching, virtual classroom, and a full range of support tools and resources, emerging leaders to senior executives can benefit from Bluepoint’s custom training options. Bluepoint educates, trains, and coaches leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. Bluepoint’s leadership workshops equip leaders from the shop floor to the executive suite with immediately usable coaching skills that allow participants to not only learn how to coach but also, more importantly, to learn how to be an effective coach.

    More Information » www.bluepointleadership.com

    Bluepoint Leadership Development
  • Microlearning

    Microlearning is a way of delivering training so employees engage in the content in small, specific bursts. The content is delivered through regular push notifications, which is scientifically proven to maximize retention and prevent information overload. This is particularly helpful not only when you have very complex topics to cover but also as a way to support a behavioral change for the benefit of your company culture.

    What are the benefits of microlearning?

    • It makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient.
    • It creates 50% more engagement.
    • Learning in 3- to 7-minute stretches matches the working memory capacity.

    By utilizing these courses, you’ll be able to not only present the topic but also reinforce it throughout the year, which will help your team’s understanding and retention.

    More Information » trainingtoday.blr.com/solutions/microlearning

  • Managed Services

    Navis, BLR's managed services division, brings a collective 100-plus years of learning and development strategy, planning, and execution experience. Combined with a proven methodology to analyze, design, and deliver custom training solutions, Navis projects allow clients to quickly realize measurable ROI. Leading brands in the biotech, hospitality, and financial services industries have relied on Navis' team for:

    • L&D Strategy and Planning
    • Learning Management and Administration/Tools and Systems
    • Instructional Design Standards and Services
    • Program Design through Development
    • Course Delivery and Evaluation

    We combine the vision and details, add innovation, and transform your L&D requirements into a solution that's ready for prime time.

    More Information » navislearning.com

    Managed Services
  • TrainingToday Onsite Training

    BLR Learning’s onsite training option brings subject matter experts to your office, facility, conference center, or corporate retreat for engaging and informative training on issues matter most to your organization. Even though online training is comprehensive, time-saving, and cost effective, sometimes nothing beats having a live trainer at your facility.
    TrainingToday on-site benefits:


    • Courses conducted by an experienced subject matter expert at your facility
    • Face-to-face answers for specific trainee questions
    • Content tailored to your organization’s specific policies and practices
    • The ability to train from 5 to 5,000 employees and supervisors for one fee
    • Engaging and dynamic presenter keeps your trainees focused, learning, and involved for maximum retention.

    More Information » trainingtoday.blr.com/solutions/onsite-training/?&...

    TrainingToday Onsite Training


  • 51 Tips for More Effective Leadership Training

    TrainingToday is providing you with, a free White Paper full of helpful tips on avoiding common leadership mistakes, maintaining training excellence, coaching employees, business ethics, and so much more. More »

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  • 7 Strategies of Effective Training

    Training is an ongoing need in every company and it’s a major responsibility! Follow the seven strategies outlined in this special report to design and run an effective training program that will motivate and train your workforce to be the best in the industry – and that will have positive effects on every department in your company. More »

    7 Strategies of Effective Training
  • Training and Development: Best Practices in Preparing Your Workforce for Success

    Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching train­ing today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training? Are certain resources recommended? This report answers these questions and more, pulling in highlights from our recent Training and Development Survey. More »

    Training and Development: Best Practices...


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