Cerego helps people acquire and quantify knowledge. Using proven, core principles of learning science, our platform facilitates the creation of durable, flexible, and usable knowledge—and provides insight into current and predictive performance.


Cerego is a learning technology company and the creator of a personalized learning platform that helps people learn faster, remember longer and quantify what they know. Built upon proven principles of learning science, Cerego solutions improve outcomes for K-12, higher education, corporate and government training, and democratize personalized learning across industries. Based in San Francisco, Cerego works with the world’s leading publishers, education institutions and technology companies. For more information, visit www.cerego.com.


  • Cerego Personalized Learning Platform

    Company culture isn't easy to replicate, but it can be a key differentiating factor in success. That’s why high performing companies leverage talent as a competitive advantage and choose Cerego as their preferred personalized learning platform. Cerego helps leading companies personalize and promote training to give employees a clear, personalized path to learning and development.

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    Cerego Personalized Learning Platform

  • Introduction to Cerego's Personalized Learning Platform

    Cerego is a personalized learning software platform that helps users learn more efficiently and retain that knowledge for longer. Using proven research from cognitive science and data science to measure what individuals know and what they don’t know, Cerego creates an optimal schedule to learn and review material – quantifying knowledge and ability. The system is constantly adapting and improving the learning experience for each user, and is designed to create durable, flexible knowledge that can be used in the field. Learn more about Cerego. More »

    Introduction to Cerego's Personalized Le...
  • NYU College of Dentistry Board Students Achieve 100% Pass Rate

    All U.S. licensing jurisdictions require evidence that a candidate for licensure has passed Parts I and II of the National Board Dental Examinations. To pass the board exam it is essential to be able to recall and demonstrate mastery of fundamental concepts such as muscles of mastication and their attachments, the spatial relationship of structures in the oral cavity and their blood supply and innervation. How could an NYU Dental Professor prepare 350 students for the boards? More »

    NYU College of Dentistry Board Students...
  • Salient Unifies their Growing Company with Cerego

    After Houston-based asset management firm Salient Partners, L.P. (“Salient”) acquired San Francisco-based Forward Management, LLC (“Forward”) in June 2015, the work was far from over. With the acquisition, Salient almost doubled its headcount and significantly expanded the platform of mutual fund offerings. To bring the two sales teams together under one company, each sales rep needed to become experts on the expanded product set while maintaining knowledge they gained in prior years. Success would be evidenced by product expertise across the entire portfolio set and a single company culture. More »

    Salient Unifies their Growing Company wi...
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