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  • eLearning

    Cinécraft began creating eLearning in the mid 90’s when the industry was in its infancy, training hospital staff on health and safety procedures. Today, custom eLearning, mLearning, Gamification and development of microcourses is a major reason for our growth nationally.

    With every project we strive to create an experience that brings the learner as close to the behavior or skill to be learned. We believe this is the only way to see sustainable measurable results. Usually that means practicing a skill or behavior on-the-job or in a role-play. But, when that is not feasible, we do it through immersive simulations online.

    We try to create the most efficient, effective and enjoyable learning experience with every project. Usually this is done through simulations packaged as microcourses or micro-learning objectis. However, often the strategy must contain a blended approach. Cinécraft’s Instructional Designers specialize in designing blended learn...
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  • Video Production

    We are the first video production company in Cleveland, Ohio, and in the nation! Cinécraft Productions got its start on Cleveland’s near West Side as a film production studio in 1939. More than 75 years later we’re still on the leading edge of video production and motion picture storytelling. And, we’ve got dozens of Telly Awards, Emmys, Cindys, Daveys and most importantly, happy clients to prove it.

    Speaking of our clients, they’ve been with us forever. We’ve built life-long partnerships with companies like Sherwin-Williams, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Eaton Corporation, Delta Faucet, and many more.

    The need to tell a good story is as important now as ever. And our tried-and-true process gets to the heart of your message through careful observation, research, interviewing and brainstorming. Then we craft a creative treatment that helps you visualize the final story.

    Finally, you will love the creativity, our skilled c...
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    Video Production