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Content Raven is an award-winning Digital Learning Platform built for the enterprise. We help learning and development leaders securely distribute all types of training content to any device, anywhere in the world. Common applications of the platform include Customer Training, Sales & Partner Enablement, Onboarding, and E-Commerce.

Some of the most innovative global companies (e.g., Amazon, EMC, GE, Mondelez, VMware) use Content Raven to improve the learning experience for their customers, partners and employees. Benefits cited by our customers include:

  • A branded, customizable learner-focused platform that supports all major file types (videos, docs, PDFs, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Easy monetization of subscription-based training content (E-Commerce)
  • Industry leading enterprise security that includes access control (restricting download, print, and share capabilities) and dynamic watermarking
  • An Enterprise "YouTube" (with advanced security and user engagement analytics)
  • Democratization of learning via end user content curation
  • Seamless LMS and CMS Integration
  • Offline access for any device
  • Easy to use and create personalized Learning Paths

To schedule a free demo, call us at 508.786.0500, or sign up here.

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  • Discussion Boards: A Key Element to Engage Learners February 7, 2017 12:00pm

    A discussion, or conversation, is the most proven way to get to the heart of any subject matter. Particularly for eLearning, discussion boards provide a common platform for learner-to-learner and trainer-to-learner interaction.
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