Corporate Training Materials

Fully Customizable Course Kits for Trainers

Corporate Training Materials

Corporate Training Materials sells customizable course kits for all business training and developement activities. These classroom-ready workshop materials will save trainers hundreds of hours of preparation, and ensure a polished impression for new and seasoned trainers alike.

Course kits include: Training manual, instructor guide, quick reference guide, job aid, power point slides, ice breakers, activities, exercise files, pre / post assessments and advertorials.

Additional add ons include: eLearning, video training clips, self publishing books, ebooks and audio books.


  • The Complete Training Library

    This professional training library includes 222 course kits (individually priced at $499 each), with download access to all courses, course updates, and new releases. These training materials are easily customized: mix and match training topics between courses, add new content, and even re-brand as your own.

    You'll get everything you need to deliver Professional Workshop Training:
    Instructor Guides, Training Manuals, Power Point Slides, Flip Chart Notes, Quick Reference Guides, Activities, Exercise Files, Testing and more!

    Plus you can add-on SCORM compliant eLearning*, Video Training Clips, Self-Publishing Books/eBooks, and Audiobooks. Call today for individual pricing and bundling discounts!

    When speaking to one of our sales executives, please let them know you've found us on the ASTD site and we'll discount your purchase by 15%!

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