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About Us
Designing Digitally, Inc. specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance learner retention. Our award-winning company offers a wide spectrum of solutions, ranging from interactive E-Learning to fully immersive Serious Games. All developments are tailored precisely to our clients’ individual needs. 

Designing Digitally, Inc. first works with our clients to assess and establish specific learning objectives. Then, we select the appropriate learning strategy and platforms which will best accomplish those objectives. Our clients are actively involved in the design and development phases, ensuring the final product they receive presents accurate information aligned with their company culture. 

Our Mission
At Designing Digitally, Inc., customer satisfaction is the purpose of each and every job we undertake. We are committed to providing top-quality custom training and innovative learning solutions to educate corporate, government, and higher education clients. We add value to the businesses we serve by creating strong and professional interactive training through E-Learning, Training Simulations, Serious Games, and innovative Mobile Learning that educates, engages, and entertains learners.

Our Approach to Adult Learning

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we understand the unique challenges posed by Adult Learning. For instance, adult learners feel the need to independently steer their learning process. We find that they are much more engaged when they have a sense of control and autonomy, rather than being forced to follow a set path. 

We also recognize that adult learners yearn for relevant and practical content to help them advance in their careers and/or lives. In our Needs Analysis consulting, our team asses what information the target audience already knows. Then, we exclude that material from the training project, or, allow learners to skip past those sections. Adults are eager to learn when the content is streamlined and they understand how it benefits them.

Along the same lines, adult learners engage with training that connects to prior life experiences or existing knowledge. We sometimes refer to this as “meeting the learners where they are.” Designing Digitally, Inc. creates training that encourages learners to utilize their current skills and launches them to the next level of expertise in their field of study. 

Our experience has also unveiled ways to motivate adult learners. Motivation for adults can come from several areas including personal achievement, stimulation, cognitive interest, and external expectations. Adult learners often wish to not only obtain new information for their own sake, but to fulfill the expectations of those around them including their supervisors and co-workers. Additionally, many adult learners wish to gain more knowledge in order to advance their career and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, we create learning environments that celebrate personal achievement, are visually and audibly stimulating, and relate to actual goals within organizations. 

Lastly, Designing Digitally, Inc. uses immediate feedback in assessments and game mechanics to instantly show adults how well they are performing. This benefits learners who are receiving both positive and negative responses. For learners who are performing well, they are confident in their actions, therefore internally motivated to continue in their training. Learners receiving negative feedback are inclined to review content in order to improve their performance. Both outcomes foster long-term positive behavior changes in learners. For information on how we can assist you, contact us today!


  • Serious Games

    We create exciting, competitive environments to facilitate serious learning. Serious Games can incorporate applicable scenario-based exercises and immersive multiplayer experiences. Partner with our award-winning Serious Game developers to obliterate your learners’ perceptions that online training is boring.

    More Information » www.designingdigitally.com/what-we-do/serious-game...

  • Custom eLearning

    We create unique E-Learning customized for your training objectives. We could incorporate gamified elements to focus your learners’ attention on the content, or weave realistic stories throughout the course to pull learners into the training material. Let us help you determine the best way to educate, engage, and entertain your learners.

    More Information » www.designingdigitally.com/what-we-do/e-learning

  • Mobile Learning

    Your workforce is mobile, so why isn’t your training? Give your employees the advantage of accessing training when they need it, where they need it. We create modules designed for quick reference in the field, tablet and phone-friendly versions of our E-Learning courses, and custom apps for Android and iOS.

    More Information » www.designingdigitally.com/what-we-do/mobile-learn...

  • Training Simulations

    Our realistic Training Simulations are the perfect way to teach skills and procedures that are dangerous or costly to perform. Learners can practice in a safe environment and gain confidence without the fear of substantial consequences. Improve your employees’ performance in the field with our effective Training Simulations!

    More Information » www.designingdigitally.com/what-we-do/training-sim...

  • Training Needs Analysis

    You deserve compelling, relevant training with a significant Return On Investment (ROI). Therefore, we begin projects with an in-depth assessment of your organization’s pain points and knowledge gaps. We call this process Training Needs Analysis Consulting. After we pinpoint the true needs and learning objectives, we proceed to develop effective training that produces positive results.

    More Information » www.designingdigitally.com/what-we-do/training-nee...


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