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Founded in 2004, ej4 is a leading provider of online video training solutions. Closing the gap between potential and results, ej4 provides an adaptable on-demand learning experience for companies throughout the world. Led by some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in the industry, ej4 continues to be a trailblazer in the eLearning industry.


  • Thinkzoom LMS

    With Thinkzoom, you get a versatile learning management system to create, edit, share and track content for your learners.

    • Our Thinkzoom authoring tool makes it easy to create custom video content.
    • Add to existing ej4 off-the-shelf courses to help personalize our course to your needs.
    • Learning Groups make it easier for you to push content to your learners based on their job requirements.
    • Set course viewing requirements to hold your learners accountable.
    • Advanced reporting features to quickly pull usage reports on top users, top courses, and much more.
    • With 4tify your Learning™, learners gain access to a powerful reinforcement tool that helps transfer knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory.  

    More Information » www.ej4.com/elearning/thinkzoom

  • Off-the-Shelf Training Video Courses

    Our library has just the right amount of content for your learners on topics including Workplace Compliance, Safety, Communications, Supervisory Skills, Organizational Change, Sales, Professional Productivity, and many more.

    • Average length of a course is 7 minutes 12 seconds. Short, to-the-point videos provide your learners with only the necessary information.
    • 10 videos added weekly. We stay on top of current trends to build new content and update existing courses to keep our content fresh and engaging.
    • With over 35 topics, our content library offers training for all of your learners.  

    More Information » www.ej4.com/elearning/off-the-shelf-elearning

  • Custom eLearning Content

    Learning content that communicates your specific message.

    • Solution-focused video content designed with your branding and custom needs.
    • Have long, complex subject matter? We'll create a series of short-form videos to help your employees learn key points more quickly and efficiently.
    • A perfect complement to your existing on-site training. 

    More Information » www.ej4.com/elearning/custom-elearning

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