Extended DISC® USA, U.K., Canada & Singapore

Extended DISC® is an online DISC personality test that finds your DISC profile type in a simple 10 minute questionnaire!

Extended DISC® USA, U.K., Canada & Singapore

Extended DISC® offers individuals their natural DISC style from a simple 10 minute online questionnaire. Our DISC assessments can be customized to fit specific job roles in leadership, management, customer service and more! We also offer team and work pair assessments.

Want an unlimited use of DISC assessments? Extended DISC® offers an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed fee!

Get DISC certified with Extended DISC®! Our Public and Virtual DISC Certification options are approved for PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification credits.


  • DISC Individual Assessments

    Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications. We tailor our products to your preferences on content, length, and aesthetics. Individual Assessments can also be customized for specific job roles and industries.

    Here is a just a partial list:

    Customer Service
    Sales Management
    Learning Style
    Financial Advisor
    Real Estate Agent
    Healthcare Professional
    Truck Drive
    Stress Management
    Time Management
    Personal Banker

    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/products-2

    DISC Individual Assessments
  • DISC Team Assessments

    Team Assessments

    The Extended DISC® Team Assessment is a popular tool that allows you to include an unlimited amount of individuals into one, easy-to-use team report.

    The Team Assessment identifies the team and its member’s strengths, development areas, and it’s training and development needs. Our Team Assessment commonly applies to use for Sales Teams, Customer Service Departments, Leadership Teams, Intact teams, and more!

    The feature to add unlimited individuals to a team report makes this tool widely useful to create department, division, and organizational assessments.

    Here are just a few examples of Team Assessments:

    Candidate ranking/comparison report
    Team member selection
    Sales Team
    Special Projects
    Leadership Teams
    Customer Service Teams
    Intact work groups

    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/products-2

    DISC Team Assessments
  • DISC Certification – Get Certified Online and On-Site

    DISC Certification is designed for anyone who wants to know DISC like the “back of their hand.”

    Many of us are already familiar with behavioral and personality tests, but we just need more training enhance our practice. Use the DISC tests to build your business.

    Learn what makes our DISC test stand out. Envision a comprehensive DISC certification that trains you in the use of our Extended DISC system. We have the right training for you. Once certified, you can deliver a variety of sessions using our DISC reports. You can integrate them into your leadership, customer service, sales, team, and communication training. In addition, what makes your DISC certification even more effective is that you are not alone. We pride ourselves on our post-training customer support. Our DISC Certification benefits anyone who wants to understand DISC profiles and tools. You will be able to deliver ou...
    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/disc-certification-get-certif...

    DISC Certification – Get Certified Onl...
  • DISC Training Support Materials

    Extended DISC® Training Support Materials

    Extended DISC® strives to fulfill your wants and needs for training to ensure successful applications of our assessments. We have created an excellent set of training support to enhance your use of the DISC tools. We understand that when you need help- you need it quickly. No one can match our responsive and personal customer service.

    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/disc-support-materials

    DISC Training Support Materials
  • Extended DISC Blogs

    Keep up-to-date with the latest in DISC information. Check out our weekly blogs on DISC communication, strategies and tips.

    More Information » blog.extendeddisc.org

    Extended DISC Blogs
  • DISC Webinars

    If you missed a live DISC webinar don't worry because we record them and make them available to you! Topics include Misconceptions about DISC Styles, Understanding Team Reports, Buying Styles of DISC and much more!

    More Information » www.extendeddisc.org/webinars

    DISC Webinars

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  • Finding DISC Test Resistance? Get Everyone Onboard

    Use of the DISC test in your workplace can lead to better understanding and interactions within your team. However, you may encounter resistance and misunderstanding during the process. More »

    Finding DISC Test Resistance? Get Everyo...
  • DISC Coaching Session: Client Pushback

    Have you ever watched your clients reviewing their results during a DISC coaching session? You’ll likely see them nodding their heads, as if in agreement with results. Suddenly, they stop reading. More »

    DISC Coaching Session: Client Pushback
  • New Sales Assessments: Road Map to Success

    We are introducing two new sales assessments. Don’t wait! Be among the first to preview our Sales Competence Assessment and our FinxS® Sales 18 Assessment. More »

    New Sales Assessments: Road Map to Succe...
  • Using DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level

    How can CEOs and leadership use the DISC assessment tool to better manage their employees? ‘Using DISC profiles at the Organizational Level’ webinar is part 3 of our Using Team DISC Assessments series. More »

    Using DISC Profiles at the Organizationa...
  • DISC Assessment Results: How You Act Under Pressure

    Your DISC assessment results will give you the vital information you need to adjust your behavior. You can learn to adjust, or deal with your behavior in pressure situations, your interactions, your decision making practices, and more! Extended DISC assessments can also be customized to help you adjust your behavior in specific job roles such as leadership, customer service, management, and much more. More »

    DISC Assessment Results: How You Act Und...
  • Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation

    Learning about the four DISC profiles doesn't have to be all about business. Knowledge of DISC can work in everyday life situations. It's summer and vacation planning can be stressful. Especially when you are trying to please everyone that is involved. In the blog 'Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation' from Extended DISC, you learn how the four DISC styles like to vacation. More »

    Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation
  • Customizing Your License Plate to Your DISC Style

    If you were to create a license plate that reflected your DISC style, what would it say? If license plates were based off of an individual’s DISC style, the decisions a driver makes would be a lot easier to understand, right? More »

    Customizing Your License Plate to Your D...
  • DISC Assessments – The DISC Test

    Understand the process of using Extended DISC assessments. You could use assessments for your organization or your clients. Our DISC assessments help improve communication, decision making, teamwork, and more.When you learn your DISC profile, you can understand your own behaviors and how to adjust them for successful interactions. More »

    DISC Assessments – The DISC Test
  • Extended DISC Supports Focus Forward Fellowship

    Recently, Extended DISC mentors participated in the Focus Forward Fellowship Program at Colorado State University. The program provides military-connected women with an opportunity to build skills and become better leaders. More »

    Extended DISC Supports Focus Forward Fel...
  • Manager’s Playbook: Managers Using DISC Assessments

    Every coach of a sports team has a playbook designed to guide his/her players to success. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Manager’s Playbook for leading your team? More »

    Manager’s Playbook: Managers Using DIS...
  • The DISC Assessment Tool: What Can it Do for You?

    The DISC Assessment Tool looks at your natural behavioral style in a variety of formats. How you use your DISC profile results is up to you. More »

    The DISC Assessment Tool: What Can it Do...
  • Your Father’s DISC Personality Type

    Knowing the DISC personality type of someone you are close to, such as your dad, can be quite difficult without the skills to recognize DISC personality types. Extended DISC offers assistance to understand the four DISC styles through our DISC assessments, DISC blogs, webinars, and infographics! This Father's Day blog from Extended DISC helps you think about and identify your father's DISC style. You may even decide that an Extended DISC assessment is the perfect Father's Day gift! More »

    Your Father’s DISC Personality Type
  • Using Team DISC Assessments: Team Application

    We rely on teamwork to get things done. Team DISC assessments are a highly useful tool to identify the team's preferred way of doing things, natural strengths, and areas of development. In addition, the DISC report can provide supporting information on how the team can work more effectively. More »

    Using Team DISC Assessments: Team Applic...
  • Practicing One DISC Communication Exercise at a Time

    Now that you've learned about the DISC profiles, also known as DISC personality types, you'll want to start build it into your daily interactions. Practice one simple and practical DISC communication exercise often to help you improve and succeed with other people. Some of us may be thinking of a dog exercising with his frisbee disc when talking about DISC and exercising! However, each DISC communication exercise below is about improving our interactions with others. You'll find with practice you won't even have to think about DISC. It will just be part of how you interact successfully with others. The golden rule is to keep it simple and pra... More »

    Practicing One DISC Communication Exerci...
  • DISC Yearbook Quotes: What Would Your DISC Style Write?

    Your DISC style is reflected in your everyday behavior. Even in your writing! Do you remember what you used to write in your friends' yearbooks? Looking at them now, do you believe what you wrote reflects your DISC style? What would your DISC style write in a yearbook today? More »

    DISC Yearbook Quotes: What Would Your DI...
  • Successful DISC Training…What’s Next?

    Participants can take the DISC profile assessment, complete a successful DISC training, and feel motivated to start using their DISC knowledge. However, "the real world" can derail it from happening. After a DISC workshop, we get slammed deadlines, emails, phone calls, etc. More »

    Successful DISC Training…What’s Next...
  • Overcoming Misconceptions about DISC Styles

    We have differing views of DISC personality types based on our own perceptions. Hence, we may also have misconceptions about DISC personality types. When we talk to other people about DISC styles we notice that people have differing views of others. They are different for various reasons. These beliefs are sometimes even inaccurate, but we can grow these beliefs into biases and misconceptions about DISC styles. As human beings, we make judgments on other people. We hold pre-conceived views because it allows us to make decisions about others. However, they can also cloud our judgment. More »

    Overcoming Misconceptions about DISC Sty...
  • KISS My DISC: Simple DISC Approach Works Best

    Have you ever found yourself over-thinking and complicating things when coaching DISC? Then, try focusing on the DISC basics using a more simple DISC approach. You have most likely heard of the KISS model (Keep it Simple Stupid). While we are definitely NOT stupid, keeping it simple in the things that we do can help decrease misunderstanding and mistakes. A simple DISC approach can also increase learning and motivation. You can apply the KISS model to communication and the use of DISC reports. More »

    KISS My DISC: Simple DISC Approach Works...
  • Preferred DISC Communication Styles

    Have you ever considered how DISC profiles prefer to communicate? Identifying people's preferred DISC communication styles is an effective tool to interact better. DISC profiles have preferred DISC communication styles. They have ways that they are more comfortable when interacting with others. Some DISC profiles share similarities and some have differences. However, by understanding how a person prefers to interact, we can then modify our own DISC style to interact more successfully. If we make these adjustments then they will be more engaged and receptive to what we have to say. More »

    Preferred DISC Communication Styles
  • DISC Personality Types Make Different Buying Decisions

    Recognizing that DISC personality types make different buying decisions is necessary in order to move the sales process forward with our prospects. How DISC personality types make different buying decisions is critical, but so is knowing how our own DISC personality style plays into the sales interaction. We are focusing on buying decisions as one part of an overall strategy to improve our style adjustments to close the deal. More »

    DISC Personality Types Make Different Bu...
  • What Questions DISC Profiles Ask

    We are successful because we ask all kinds of questions. However, by knowing the types of questions DISC profiles ask helps us to more effectively identify their DISC style. Finding a communication tool that is quick and simple to use will more likely become a tool we'd use on a daily basis. The next time you observe patterns of behaviors in people, think about what types of questions they ask. Do they ask more questions that start with "what," "who," "how," or "why"? If you are aware of the question types then you have one more piece of information that helps you better identify the person. Ultimately, you can make appropriate adjustments to... More »

    What Questions DISC Profiles Ask
  • DISC Overview: DISC Assessments Explained

    You've probably heard of DISC tests, DISC assessments, or DISC profiles, but are they all the same? What is the purpose of DISC and DISC tools? DISC Assessments are behavioral assessment tools. Simply put, our DISC tools measure how a person naturally prefers to do things and interact with others. DISC has had a long history of development and research in order to become today's DISC tool. The DISC model is a tool for self-awareness. In addition, the DISC model lets us identify the styles of others. Once we know our style, the style of others, then we can change our behaviors to improve interactions. DISC refers to the four core sets of behav... More »

    DISC Overview: DISC Assessments Explaine...
  • Using DISC Profiles in Selling: How understanding DISC can close a deal

    Can you identify your prospect's or client's preferred communication style? How does using DISC Profiles in selling make you more successful? Sales professionals are well trained in techniques such as generating prospects and closing a deal. Regardless of how successful you already are, you can continue to develop skills that improve your sales interactions. One way is by focusing on DISC profiles in selling. More »

    Using DISC Profiles in Selling: How unde...
  • S-Style Profile Views Promises Differently

    What happens when your intent to do something is perceived as a promise? The S-style profile views promises differently than other DISC profiles. If we recognized the differences as well as similarities, then we can avoid misunderstandings and improve interactions and communication. More »

    S-Style Profile Views Promises Different...
  • Opposite DISC Personality Types Clash

    Opposite DISC personality types can create for challenging interactions. Are you someone who lives and breaths superlatives, but your boss uses words like "fine" or "good"? Different personality types can perceive behaviors and actions differently. I-style profiles prefer superlatives when describing behaviors and giving feedback. C-style and S-style profiles may be more economical in their choice of words. If we are more aware of how we communicate, where we are similar and different, then we are able to modify our behaviors and have a more successful outcome. More »

    Opposite DISC Personality Types Clash
  • Are Millennials Really That Different?

    Are millennials really that different? They have been labeled as "entitled, unmotivated and unproductive". Does taking the DISC test or understanding their DISC personality types help with misconceptions. Can we use DISC to improve our interactions with millennials? More »

    Are Millennials Really That Different?
  • Understanding DISC Profiles Differently

    Understanding DISC profiles can be challenging without DISC training. However, we can present different ways to explain them to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of their DISC profiles. More »

    Understanding DISC Profiles Differently
  • Stressed, Anxious and Unproductive – Not Just Millennials

    Everyone can get a little stressed, unproductive, and anxious sometimes. Society likes to label millennials as the generation of stress and anxiety. Read from a millennials perspective as to why we should stop labeling generations, and why DISC can effectively help us see unique differences in causes of stress, and how we can alleviate that stress and manage our time. More »

    Stressed, Anxious and Unproductive – N...
  • Effective Communication in 4 Steps

    Our webinar provides you with an overview of the 4 Steps to Effective Communication and why it's so effective in your DISC practice. Combining these 4 steps with DISC tools will enhance your ability to deliver DISC to your clients and employees. More »

    Effective Communication in 4 Steps
  • Employee Feedback Using DISC Assessments

    When it comes to helping employees understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, receiving employee feedback from their managers is crucial. DISC assessments can help facilitate the process. More »

    Employee Feedback Using DISC Assessments
  • Why DISC Works in Today’s Pop Culture World

    Do we really know ourselves, despite being in a era of heightened self-awareness? How does pop culture play a factor in finding out more about ourselves? DISC tests are commonly used in the workplace, but are they all the same? Learn how validated DISC reports can help people understand more about themselves and others without being judged. More »

    Why DISC Works in Today’s Pop Culture...
  • The DISC Profiles Interviewing You for a Job

    Being interviewed for a job is stressful. It is even more stressful when you go into a job interview without a clue as to who is interviewing you. Learning about the four DISC profiles before your job interview can help ease stress before the process. More »

    The DISC Profiles Interviewing You for a...
  • Sales: Gaining Competitive Advantages Using DISC

    Sales, as a profession, can be very rewarding. But, it can also be stressful and it’s not the right career choice for everyone. With that in mind, using DISC is an essential way to tell if sales is the right career path for you More »

    Sales: Gaining Competitive Advantages Us...
  • DISC Blind Spots: What Do You Mean I’m Insensitive?

    Were you ever surprised to hear yourself called “insensitive” because that’s not how you would’ve described yourself? At times, you may feel a disconnect between how you view yourself versus how others view you. Blind spots may stem from this gap in self-awareness. More »

    DISC Blind Spots: What Do You Mean I’m...
  • Selling Knives? Consider My DISC Buying Style First

    Have you ever considered how people make decisions on when and if they will buy something? How can knowing someone’s DISC buying style help you close a deal? More »

    Selling Knives? Consider My DISC Buying...
  • Using DISC to Help Students Succeed

    DISC assessments are usually known to improve communication to succeed in your professional life. However, did you know that you can use DISC to succeed in your school-life? Learn what DISC can do for your development in communication, team work, decision making, and more! More »

    Using DISC to Help Students Succeed
  • Customer Service Improves Using DISC Assessments

    You can change the way your employees perform their customer service duties by using DISC! A DISC assessment can give your customer service team a better sense of self-awareness and show them their strengths and development areas in a customer service role! More »

    Customer Service Improves Using DISC Ass...
  • DISC Styles Under Pressure: Escape Room Challenge

    Have you ever considered the Escape Room Challenge as an exciting DISC Team Building activity? It is the perfect example of witnessing the DISC Styles under pressure! More »

    DISC Styles Under Pressure: Escape Room...
  • The High Cost of Employee Turnover

    We expect employee turnover. As managers, we know how time consuming and costly it is to find, recruit, and train new employees. More »

    The High Cost of Employee Turnover
  • Behavioral Action Plan: Coaching Your Client to Success

    The goal of the Behavioral Action Plan is to identify and list key behaviors your client can modify to achieve their goals. It helps your client create a planned series of steps. However, the steps should not be rigid. Flexibility allows your client to better adapt and adhere to the plan. More »

    Behavioral Action Plan: Coaching Your Cl...
  • Identifying DISC Styles of Others

    One of the strengths of the DISC Model is identifying DISC styles of others. Learn 3 simple steps to quickly identify DISC styles of others. These are the 4 steps to effective communication. First, is to acquire knowledge about the DISC profiles knowledge and then identifying your own DISC style. Next is identifying DISC styles of others. Finally, you can make the needed adjustments to improve your interactions with others. You will need to practice identifying DISC styles of others, but it's a skill that is easy to learn. More »

    Identifying DISC Styles of Others
  • 5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

    Losing employees is expensive, but it also causes disruption and can lower morale for your remaining employees. The more you do to improve your workplace morale and keep your team positive and satisfied, the less likely you are to experience a lot of turnover or churn from your best talent. Here are 5 simple, but effective tips to boost your team's morale. More »

    5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale
  • DISC Trainer Meets Lyft Driver: DISC Training 24/7

    With DISC training, you can acquire the knowledge and skills to detect the DISC personality type of almost anyone you interact with! More »

    DISC Trainer Meets Lyft Driver: DISC Tra...
  • Your Remote Team and DISC Assessments

    Allowing the right team members to work remotely from home has some well documented benefits. In fact, using a remote team can lead to lower overall costs and increased productivity. These tips from Extended DISC will help you choose the perfect team to work remotely and give them the materials they need to be successful! More »

    Your Remote Team and DISC Assessments
  • Does DISC Apply Across Cultures?

    Does where you live or your cultural background influence your DISC profile and the results on your DISC assessment? More »

    Does DISC Apply Across Cultures?
  • DISC Communication Beyond Face-to-Face

    People may assume DISC only applies to face-to-face interactions. However, that would exclude using DISC in written communications and phone interactions. Luckily, it’s not true! DISC communication goes beyond face-to-face interaction. More »

    DISC Communication Beyond Face-to-Face
  • DISC Profiles: Food for Thought

    Recently, Christina Bowser, Senior DISC trainer, traveled to Singapore to conduct a two-day DISC certification. She loves doing DISC trainings and talking about DISC profiles, but add food to the agenda and she's in total heaven! More »

    DISC Profiles: Food for Thought
  • DISC Assessments: Why Imagine Ourselves at Work?

    Why do you need to imagine yourself at work when answering the DISC questions? I'm sure you'll recognize the most obvious reason; DISC assessments are most often workplace based. More »

    DISC Assessments: Why Imagine Ourselves...
  • Re-framing Our View on Opposite DISC Styles

    Read our latest blog, Re-framing Our View on Opposite DISC Styles. We have a tendency to focus on negatives when dealing with DISC styles opposite our own. Instead of focusing on what irritates us, how about re-framing and recognizing the positives those DISC profiles bring to our lives? More »

    Re-framing Our View on Opposite DISC Sty...
  • DISC Personality Styles Under Pressure

    Whether you know what they are or not, each of your team members has a different DISC style personality – and their assessed type has a direct impact on how well they perform and relate to others when the pressure is on. Read our latest blog! More »

    DISC Personality Styles Under Pressure
  • DISC Assessments and Team Building

    It’s tough to pull together teams at work without some planning, introspection and information about how the individuals you are pulling together think, work and feel. In many cases, the workplace may be all they have in common. Learning more about what makes the individual members of your team behave the way they do can help you give everyone the tools and support they need to come together as a cohesive group. More »

    DISC Assessments and Team Building
  • Do You Have the Right Leadership Style?

    If you had a tool that could further enhance your ability to lead others, would you use it? The DISC Assessment tool can help identify your leadership style and predict how you prefer to lead. Read Extended DISC's latest blog. More »

    Do You Have the Right Leadership Style?
  • How Your Mindset Drives You to Be the Top Sales Professional

    According to Webster's Dictionary, mindset is defined as " a mental attitude or inclination". So how does that factor into developing our clients and employees as sales professionals? More »

    How Your Mindset Drives You to Be the To...
  • How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success

    The beginning of the new year motivates us to set new goals and it may also help us feel better about shortcomings of the previous year. So how can DISC help? DISC impacts everything we do; how we react to pressure, how we socialize, how we react when the fire alarm goes off, etc. We cannot escape our DISC style. When you see successful people, regardless of their industry, they are always confidently self-aware. View our latest 30 minute webinar How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success! More »

    How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success
  • Identifying and Presenting DISC Profiles

    At Extended DISC we often are asked about how to identify and explain profiles. Specifically, a person's hardwired behavioral style, their perceived need to adjust behavior; and also, what happens when DISC profiles are invalid and cannot be generated? More »

    Identifying and Presenting DISC Profiles
  • 4 Roadblocks for S-Style Leaders to Overcome During Succession Planning

    Everyone can perform a role or task regardless of their DISC style (e.g. goal setting, active listening, planning or creating rapport). However, each of those activities will burn more or less mental calories depending if they are D-, I-, S- or C-style. Check out the entire blog here! More »

    4 Roadblocks for S-Style Leaders to Over...


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