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Creating a culture of engagement through respect


  • Connecting with Respect®

    Developed as a practical and easy-to-implement workshop for organizations ready for a different kind of “diversity” training, Connecting with Respect® represents the newest and most original approach to cultural excellence in decades. Anchored by the most current research on emotional intelligence, behavioral psychology and neuro-science, this interactive curriculum paves the way for literally anybody to grasp the essential insights and skills necessary for contributing to a more respectful workplace environment.  Because of our emphasis on experiential learning, participants of the Connecting with Respect® curriculum don’t just learn about respect (and disrespect), they experience it first-hand and are immediately able grasp its impact on workplace attitudes and productivity. With the goal of creating respectful experiences in mind, they then work together to develop a “tool kit” and plan of action for getting the job done each and every d...
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    Connecting with Respect®
  • Resilience 360

    When it comes to employee motivation and retention – The right attitude is everything… especially when achieving bottom line contributions. Our “secret” is simple – to the degree that your people are flexible, adaptable, confident, and committed to succeed, so go your business results. By design, the R360 motivation and retention program helps employees develop their personal performance skills because these same skills improve professional performance. Benefits of higher motivation include higher productivity, customer service and retention. The R360 workshop takes advantage of self-paced Pre-Work modules, classroom instruction and a broad range of self-paced Post-Work modules.

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    Resilience 360
  • Keynote Speaking

    Paul Meshanko is an author, professional speaker and business leader with over 20 years of experience in corporate training and organizational culture change. As a presenter and trainer, Paul has captivated over a quarter million leaders and business professionals on five continents. His training materials have been translated into over 25 languages and his newsletter is read by thousands of subscribers each month. His clients have included The Cleveland Clinic, DuPont, Parker Hannifin, BASF, Progressive Insurance, MTD, Symantec, McGraw-Hill, Toyota, The U.S. EPA and Ernst & Young. Always with any eye toward research and science, his speaking themes include organizational and personal resilience, work-life balance, employee engagement and respectful work cultures. 

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    Keynote Speaking
  • Legacy Business Coaching

    Whether you are launching a Change initiative or well on your way in creating a new culture, leaders can respond differently to the changing behavioral expectations.  Legacy Business Cultures Workshops and Training provide a foundation of new ideas and an invitation for leaders to adopt new skills. While some naturally embrace the change effort, others may struggle.  Coaching helps raise the awareness of leaders as to how their behaviors can help or hinder the change process, and provide them with new skills and methods to enhance their effectiveness in a changing environment. 

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    Legacy Business Coaching
  • Respectful Workplace survey

    How Respectful is Your Workplace?

    Uncover insights about your organization and learn how it compares to others by participating in this valuable survey about workplace respect.  The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and collects data about your perceptions of your workplace environment and culture. Your answers will remain anonymous.  After completing the survey, you’ll see the results immediately, along with a side-by-side comparison of your results to the overall results.


    If you like what you see, contact us to discuss the benefits of implementing a respect survey in your organization.

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    Respectful Workplace survey
  • Employee Engagement Survey: e-engage

    Join our online community by participating in this valuable survey about workplace engagement. Uncover insights about your organization and learn how it compares to others!  The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and collects data about your perceptions of your workplace environment and culture. Your answers will remain anonymous (see our Privacy Policy).  After completing the survey, you’ll see the results immediately which represents the overall community’s results.  If you like what you see, contact us to discuss the benefits of implementing an engagement strategy within your organization.

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    Employee Engagement Survey: e-engage
  • Blindsided: Managing Unconscious Bias


    Explore bias as a core human thought tendency

    Identify the different types of tactical bias that compromise decision making at individual and group levels

    Discuss the nature of and how the brain uses implicit bias (bias about personal characteristics) to protect itself

    Recognize how people bias leads to exclusion and disengagement

    Learn and practice techniques for recognizing and interrupting both people and tactical bias patterns

    Develop a group plan of action for promoting inclusive policies and behaviors

  • Safe Spaces: Recognizing & Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

    • Explore a series of fact patterns and quizzes that will
    help the participant develop a better understanding of
    what each looks like
    • Clarify who can be either an accuser or offender in
    both discrimination and harassment scenarios
    • Define and explore retaliation and what can happen if
    employers retaliate
    In order for each of us to do our best, it is critical that we
    work together to create a workplace environment that is
    emotionally safe and respectful of all of the differences
    that we bring to work with us each day.
    Safe Spaces: Recognizing and Preventing Harassment in
    the Workplace was created specifically for that purpose.
    Starting with an exploration of what genuinely respectful
    workplaces look like, this program examines the behaviors
    that lead to consistently respectful work cultures and
    those that do just the opposite. This leads to a discussion
    and presentation of...