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Thought Industries powers the business of learning with the world’s first Learning Business Platform. Offering a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level learning delivery and monetization tools, the customizable platform enables businesses and organizations to deliver engaging and fully-branded learning experiences to their business and consumer audiences. From creating online courses to managing an online learning business, the platform hosts a library of powerful, easy-to-use features that enable organizations to get to market quickly and cost-effectively.


  • Turning Learning into Profit

    Looking to increase bottom-line profitability for your business? In this eBook we'll cover how to: Implement profitable learning strategies Engage with the modern learner Support a variety of use cases Choose the right technology Download this free eBook to learn how to create, manage, and scale online learning experiences. More »

    Turning Learning into Profit
  • 7 Steps to Build a Strong eLearning Business

    Building a successful online learning business requires an integrated strategy where your content, product, and marketing are fully coordinated. The '7 Steps to Build a Strong eLearning Business' is a proven blueprint to get the most out of your marketing in order to grow your learning operation. Gain insight such as: Understanding your customer Differentiating your product offering Controlling costs and determining price Building your marketing funnel More »

    7 Steps to Build a Strong eLearning Busi...
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  • eMoney Makes Major Organizational Improvements with the Thought Industries Customer Learning Platform September 20, 2018 5:18pm

    Boston, MA, September 20, 2018 – Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning SaaS companies, announced today that eMoney Advisor selected its Customer Learning PlatformTM to support major training organizational improvements.
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  • 22 Ways to Promote Your Training & Turn Customers Into Advocates September 18, 2018 3:01am

    Training is arguably the most important part of every customer success program, but customers don’t have the time to master your product like you want them to. Sometimes they put off training until it’s too late, which results in expensive support and unhappy customers.The solution is to treat your training programs like your company’s products and insert a healthy dose of marketing to drive training consumption. Here are 22 marketing ideas that can turn uneducated customers into highly-tr...
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  • Customer Training Pricing and Packaging: What’s the Best Strategy? September 10, 2018 9:20am

    If you follow my LMS trends updates, you know that customer training is where the action is. By all indications, this trend is not just a passing fad. Here’s why: When you buy a product or service, the faster you learn how it helps you achieve your goals, the more successful your customer experience will be. As a successful customer, you’re likely to buy more and encourage others to do the same. This means customer education is more than just a nice i...
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  • Introducing Thought Industries 'Voice of the Customer' Program September 6, 2018 8:45am

    Every month, Thought Industries customers spend hundreds of hours on our platform, creating next-generation learning experiences for their businesses. Every day we hear great ideas for new product features and enhancements. But tracking those ideas and updating our customers on our progress was not always organized. Until now.
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  • Thought Industries Releases Embeddable Technology to Help Software Companies Train Customers September 4, 2018 2:01am

    Boston, September 4, 2018 – Thought Industries, one of the fastest growing online learning SaaS companies, just unveiled its new In-App Training Dashboard, which enables software companies to present multi-dimensional training content directly inside their software platform. The embed technology displays role-specific content, progress, and suggested content and training to users at critical phases of the customer success lifecycle, from onboarding to certification. This new technology which i...
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  • Best Practices for Creating a Hot Certification Program (that Makes your Product Stickier) August 28, 2018 12:01am

    There's nothing like a certification program to prove that your company has a robust ecosystem of partners, solution providers, and other experts— internal and external—ready to help customers deploy, integrate, and train on your technology. But not every organization is a Microsoft or a Cisco.
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