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For 50 years, Wilson Learning has been equipping organizations around the globe to drive productivity, solve problems, and increase revenue. We do this by developing leaders, the workforce, and sales and service organizations.

We work with clients to understand their needs, create targeted solutions, and help implement the learning initiative so that performance improvement becomes permanent and drives the organization goals forward.

Achieving Proven Results:

An award winning learning and development provider, Wilson Learning helps companies build World-Class organizations. Companies work with Wilson Learning to address a variety of challenges by improving the performance of their leaders and managers, sales and service professionals, and individual contributors. Examples of results companies experienced through working with Wilson Learning include:

  • A global chemical company increased sales ny $12.8 million
  • A global air fleet company increased operating efficiencies by 56%
  • A major insurance company saved over $13 million in premiums from converting at risk customers to satisfied customers


Wilson Learning Works with Organizations in Three Main Areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Sales and Service Development
  • Workforce Development

  • Leadership Development

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    Do your leaders have the expertise, tools, training, and vision to drive strategy, achieve results, create employee engagement, and deliver value to customers and shareholders?


    To achieve your business goals, your leaders require management and leadership development to advance their skills and performance.


    Wilson Learning is an award winning provider of leadership and management development. We specialize in helping leaders at all levels understand and prepare for the increasingly complex and demanding roles required in today’s environment.


    Our comprehensive approach is built on proven research-based programs, innovative custom solutions and contemporary technology. Content solutions enhance, reinforce, and follow-up on t...
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    Leadership Development
  • Sales Development

    62% of sales executives believe their reps are leaving money on the table.


    We work to improve the performance of the sales team in order to increase profit margins, revenue and overall company growth.


    To learn more about Wilson Learning's approach to sales development, download this whitepaper, "3 Strategies for Peak sales Performance: How to Create Renewable Competitive Advantage."


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  • Workforce Development

    Employees need to develop personal and work competencies that drive productivity and performance across the organization. To optimize employee engagement and workforce performance, key skills and behaviors are required.


    Wilson Learning is a global leader in workforce development focused on increasing productivity and performance. We develop employees and teams with skills, insights, and knowledge needed to become high performing contributors across the organization.


    Our comprehensive approach includes proven research-based programs, innovative custom solutions as needed, and the use of contemporary technology to enhance, reinforce, and follow up on training experiences. Some areas of focus include:

    Communication Skills
    Personal Leadership
    Critical Thinking
    Effective Teamwork

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  • Learning Services

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    We know a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for every organization. Your brand, go-to-market strategy, sales requirements, and priorities are unique. Therefore, your leaders, salespeople and service professionals may require learning solutions that are customized to them, your products and processes, and your industry and customers. Our learning services team (consisting of expert researchers, instructional designers, writers, and project managers) can partner with you to create unique programs and solutions.



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    Learning Services


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