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  • BizLibrary
    Scientifically-proven employee training solutions that engage employees and drive results.

    Learning Management System Learning Management System - Improve the way your employees learn with learning technology that is innovative, powerful, and easy to use. Whether you are looking to deploy off-the-shelf video content, upload custom content, manage classroom training and certifications, or all of the above, we have a solution for you.
    BoosterLearn Training Reinforcement BoosterLearn Training Reinforcement - What happens after training is just as important as what happens during training. With BoosterLearn, you can reinforce learning and maximize your ROI by systematically boosting the training in the days and weeks following lessons and courses.
    The BizLibrary Collection The BizLibrary Collection - The BizLibrary Collection, our award-winning online training library, contains thousands of micro-videos, covers a wide variety of topic areas and includes additional support materials to further increase learning retention.

  • Panopto
    The video platform for training, teaching, and presenting

    Panopto Video Platform - Panopto's video platform is a combination of online services and software that makes it easy for businesses to use video as part of their training initiatives. The platform includes everything needed to capture and manage learning videos, including: a YouTube-like portal for uploading and shari...

  • TrainingPros
    When you have more projects than people, we can provide you with the right L&D consultant to start your project with confidence.

    Custom Content Development Custom Content Development - Does your company need training materials created around your products or processes? TrainingPros has won several awards for our work helping companies with custom content programs. We can help every step of the way from the initial design to the final delivery of the eLearning, ILT, or any other di...
    Training Delivery Training Delivery - Do you have a program that needs to be rolled out across the country? A region? Do your facilitators / trainers dread going on the road? Or maybe they aren't experienced with virtual facilitation and you'd like to roll this program out virtually? We have the highly experienced trainers and facilitat...
    Leadership Development Leadership Development - Do you need a certified facilitator for a course such as Situational Leadership? Do you need an instructional designer to build you a cohort style learning journey? Do you need a consultant to integrate a 360 feedback program into your performance management plan? We have the highly experienced cons...
    Graphic Design Graphic Design - Do the graphics in your eLearning fall flat? Do you need some great posters for that ILT program? Do you want badges for a company wide initiative? An experienced graphic designer that has worked with a Learning Department is the answer! Reach out to us today to find a Graphic Artist / Designer to h...
    Avaya Training Avaya Training - TrainingPros is an Avaya Authorized Learning Partner and is fully equipped to deliver the training modules for Avaya products and service offerings. Contact us to review our full suite of Avaya training programs and schedule for your organization.
    Instructional Designers Instructional Designers - Our instructional design consultants are a highly experienced professionals that have spent their careers understanding adult learning, learning technologies, and instructional design models. These highly skilled professionals can find the best ways to help employees acquire knowledge and skills in...
    eLearning Development eLearning Development - Free up your team's time by letting our eLearning designers and developers build your elearning. We work with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, and many more tools. Whether you spell it eLearning, e-Learning, or ELN, we have the talented consultants you need. 
    Virtual Classroom - Designers - Facilita... Virtual Classroom - Designers - Facilitators - Producers - The virtual classroom is here to stay. Do your facilitators need help keeping the class on course? Try a producer!   Does your content need updating to make it engaging online? Try a virtual classroom designer!  Are your facilitators overbooked? We have skilled virtual faciltators ava...

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