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  • Clarity Consultants
    Clarity Consultants
    On-Demand Access to Elite L&D Consultants

    eLearning Development - Increase Your Team’s Efficiency With Custom Training Developed By Experts
    Flash to HTML5 Conversion - Flash Died in 2020, But Your eLearning Courses Shouldn’t!
    Technical Communications - Expert writing consultants experienced in technical writing services
    Training Delivery - Accelerate the Learning Curve with Expert Training Delivery
    Sales Enablement - Empower Your Sales Team to Achieve More
    Project Management - Clarity’s project managers can drive your project success
    Organizational Development - Implement Change. Improve Performance.
    Leadership Development - Elevate Your Team’s Leadership Skills
    Learning Technology - Deliver Employee-Centered Training Through New Technology
    Learning Effectiveness - Enhance Performance with Better Training Insights
    Instructional Design - Improve Performance and Problem Solving with Better Training

  • d'Vinci Interactive
    d'Vinci Interactive
    Powered by Learning

    ECOLEARN┬« LEARNING MANAGEMENT - ECOLEARN® LEARNING MANAGEMENT – YOUR WAY Learning management systems don’t have to be complicated. Simplify training management with our ecoLearn® LMS: a flexible, web-based framework to help you deliver motivating, measurable online learning experiences. Manage Registration &am...

  • Docebo
    Docebo is an online learning platform for partner, customer and employee training

    Docebo Learning Management System Docebo Learning Management System - Docebo is an enterprise learning solution that scales with any company and offers an unparalleled learner experience. Most Popular Features: Pages- Create customized learning plans catering to individual’s needs Custom reporting- Create and run advanced custom reports to track progression an...

  • Elearning Experts
    Elearning Experts
    Explore. Envision. Enlighten

    MOODLE HOSTING AND SUPPORT MOODLE HOSTING AND SUPPORT - Leveraging the free and open source LMS - Moodle, your virtual classroom will reside on our optimized infrastructure where 365/24/7 monitoring and maintenance is handled by our expert network and infrastructure team. Software updates, fixes, and minor point upgrades are also handled entirely by our...

  • Go1
    Upskill your workforce today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow

    Go1 Microsoft Search integration Go1 Microsoft Search integration - The Go1 integration with Microsoft Search allows your employees to find and access learning from Microsoft Search, in places like Office.com, SharePoint, and Bing. Your employees can learn directly from Microsoft Search in their normal day-to-day routine. There’s no barrier of switching system...
    Go1 Learning App for Microsoft Teams Go1 Learning App for Microsoft Teams - The Go1 Learning App for Microsoft Teams is an integrated content delivery tool that allows Team owners to deliver learning as frictionless as possible. The Learning app connects the Go1 Content Hub to the Learning tab within MS Teams, enabling employees to learn in their normal day-to-day routine....
    Go1 Platform Go1 Platform - A dynamic, SCORM-compliant platform to surface the Go1 Content Hub, and your own created content. If you have an existing platform to deliver learning, the Go1 Content Hub seamlessly plugs in to hundreds of LMSs, HRISs, and Unified Communication at the touch of a button. If you’re still seekin...
    Go1 Content Hub Go1 Content Hub - The Go1 Content Hub is the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers, available for a single subscription within your existing learning platform, or available on ours. Set yourself up for success by matching your diverse workforce training needs all in one place...

  • JER HR Group
    JER HR Group
    JER HR Group: From insights to tools, we go further.

    Talent Management Talent Management - JER HR Group accelerates the path to value, helping clients hire the right talent and develop every individual to their full potential. Services include: EXECUTIVE & STAFF RECRUITING: Great companies are made by great employees. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Grow your people, grow your business. ...
    HR Consultation & Technology HR Consultation & Technology - JER HR Group helps clients drive innovative HR practices and processes and realize exceptional business value from HRIS technology. Services include: HR AUDITS: What’s driving the conversation? The pandemic changes everything.  HR OUTSOURCING: Driving innovation in the changing structure...
    Leadership Leadership - JER HR Group helps oganizations create a healthy, high performing, people focused environment that can do extraordinary things. Services include: EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT: How to build a culture of growth & achievement. COACHING: Great leaders make great teams; great teams are full of people. TRAI...
    Executive & Staff Compensation Executive & Staff Compensation - COMPENSATION JER HR Group helps your organization build a fair and equitable rewards plan that attracts and retains talented individuals. Let's talk about:  EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION What’s driving the conversation? STAFF COMPENSATION Everything has changed with the pandemic. COMP PLAN...
    Compensation Plan Design Compensation Plan Design - MAPPING CHANGE: COMPENSATION PLAN DESIGN JER HR Group collaboratively designs strategic compensation programs that align with your business strategy and workplace culture, help you attract and retain talented individuals, and become an ‘Employer of Choice’.  Compensation Plan Design...

  • Origin Learning Inc.
    Origin Learning Inc.

    Origin Fractal LXP Origin Fractal LXP - Origin Fractal works as a full-fledged learning experience platform (LXP) that can be used for product training, employee upskilling, extended enterprise learning, mobile app-based learning, and much more.

  • Strategic Thinking Institute
    Strategic Thinking Institute
    Be Strategic or Be Gone

    Strategy Keynote Speech Strategy Keynote Speech - A study of more than 10,000 senior executives showed that the #1 most important leadership behavior critical to company success is strategic thinking. But, only 3 out of every 10 managers are strategic. And since bad strategy is the main cause of business failure 80% of the time, having managers tha...
    Executive Coaching & Strategic Coaching Executive Coaching & Strategic Coaching - The majority of senior leaders receive little to no professional development each year. Yet, it is their skills, behaviors and decisions that will ultimately make or break the company. How many of the following challenges do you face? “The business is reaching a critical inflection point and I...
    Strategic Planning & Strategy Facilitati... Strategic Planning & Strategy Facilitation - Does your team face any of the following challenges: 1. "We don't have a simple and practical process for developing strategy." 2. "Our strategic plan is nothing more than a to-do list with a bunch of tactics." 3. "We don't have competitive advantage and risk becoming a commodity." If so, then visit...
    Strategic Thinking Development Strategic Thinking Development - Does your team exhibit any of the following issues: 1. "We're reactive, tactical and constantly fighting fires" 2. "We don't have the time or tools to think strategically" 3. "We don't have a consistent understanding of strategy" If so, then visit http://www.strategyskills.com/services/strategi...

  • Unboxed Training & Technology
    Unboxed Training & Technology
    Employee Training and Sales Enablement solutions that are not only different, they make a difference.

    Pitch Pitch - Meet Pitch: Interactive sales presentations that bring your complex products and services to life.
    HUB360 HUB360 - Meet Hub360: one powerful sales enablement platform to train your sales team, deliver presentations, manage collateral materials, and coach your team to success. You don't have to replace the systems you have today, just connect them! 
    Custom Training Custom Training - Your team needs the right knowledge, skills, and behaviors to succeed, but your internal resources are slammed and buying off-the-shelf training just isn’t you. That’s where we come in.  Your employees will be more engaged, more productive, and more successful because of our customi...
    Spoke Spoke - Modern training requires a modern platform and traditional learning management systems haven’t kept up. Built for simplicity and engagement, Spoke® elevates the learning experience to a whole new level, so you can spend more time training your teams and less time being frustrated with your...

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