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  • Center For Individual & Organization...
    Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness
    OD Consulting, Training, Change, Coaching, Improving Performance, Writing, Developing, Evaluating, Outsourcing

    Training Manuals & Guides; Instructor Manuals & Guides - Training developed specifically for your needs.  Customized training manuals & guides.  Instructor manuals & guides as well.
    Career Pathways / Career Ladder Models - We develop career pathway / career ladder models for organizations, including variety of content such as education, competencies, knowledge, tenure, credentials, description, typical roles, etc.
    Procedures / Standard Operating Procedures / SOPs - We work with internal SMEs to develop and write complex operating procedures in a variety of industries.

  • Caliper
    Transforming Business Through People

    Coaching and Development Coaching and Development - Coaching Report - Job-specific or general report ideal for the manager that includes coaching questions to guide the incumbent’s professional growth. Individual Developmental Guide - Development report for employee or candidate consumption that includes developmental suggestions and tips on h...
    Analytics Analytics - Analyze your talent on Caliper’s award-winning dashboard in real time to compare and build teams, make leadership and promotional decisions, and leverage talent data for other organizational initiatives.  
    Caliper Certification Caliper Certification - Learn the basics of Caliper Profile interpretation and how to apply your knowledge in real-world hiring and development situations. Caliper Certification is pre-approved for 7 ATD Learning Credits.
    Executive Development Solutions Executive Development Solutions - Executive Development Services - Leadership Strategy, Three Sixty, Specialized Coaching, Team Effectiveness, Action Learning, and Succession Planning. 
    Recruiting and Selection Recruiting and Selection - Quick View - Screener report for hourly, high-volume hiring. Highlights - Report for hiring mid-level professionals and individual contributors. Essentials Report - Robust report for manager-level and above hires. Includes behavioral interview questions and tips for effective onboarding. (see expla...

  • Extended DISC
    Extended DISC
    Extended DISCĀ® is an online assessment that finds your hard-wired behavior in a simple 10 minute questionnaire!

    DISC Training Support Materials DISC Training Support Materials - Extended DISC® Training Support Materials Extended DISC® strives to fulfill your wants and needs for training to ensure successful applications of our assessments. We have created an excellent set of training support to enhance your use of the DISC tools. We understand that when you need hel...
    DISC Team Assessments DISC Team Assessments - Team Assessments The Extended DISC® Team Assessment is a popular tool that allows you to include an unlimited amount of individuals into one, easy-to-use team report. The Team Assessment identifies the team and its member’s strengths, development areas, and it’s training and developm...
    DISC Individual Assessments DISC Individual Assessments - Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications. We tailor our products to your preferences on content, length, and aesthetics. Individual Assessments can also be customized for specific job roles and i...

  • LEADx
    Leadership Development for the Modern Workforce

    Coach Amanda - Meet Coach Amanda, the world’s first AI-powered executive coach. The LEADx app and website combine behavioral science, artificial intelligence and expert content, to improveleadership behaviors, employee engagement and productivity. Finally, you can provide personalized coaching and leadership...

  • Clarity Consultants
    Clarity Consultants
    Project Success, By Design.

    Training Delivery - Accelerate the Learning Curve with Expert Training Delivery
    Sales Enablement - Empower Your Sales Team to Achieve More
    Organizational Development - Implement Change. Improve Performance.
    Leadership Development - Elevate Your Team’s Leadership Skills
    Learning Technology - Deliver Employee-Centered Training Through New Technology
    Learning Effectiveness - Enhance Performance with Better Training Insights
    Instructional Design - Improve Performance and Problem Solving with Better Training
    eLearning Content Development - Increase Your Team’s Efficiency With Custom Training Developed By Experts

  • Ramsay Corporation
    Ramsay Corporation
    Talent Assessment and Development Experts

    Online Testing System Online Testing System - Our online testing system provides a simple solution for delivery of tests online. This system provides various scoring reports that can be used for diagnostic and development purposes.
    People Skills Tests People Skills Tests - These tests measure skills that would be applicable to individuals acting in a managerial or supervisory role, in a team environment, or in a sales role. We have tests to address: -Management & Supervisory Skills -Team Skills -Sales Skills -Employee Reliability
    Basic Skills Tests Basic Skills Tests - Our basic skills tests measure skills that could be reasonably expected from all job candidates as the basic requirements for learning and performing entry level or lower level jobs in manufacturing, processing, or operating. Examples of where basic skills are required are reading instructions, pick...
    Aptitude Tests Aptitude Tests - Our aptitude tests measure a person's ability to learn a body of knowledge instead of measuring a person's existing knowledge. Aptitude tests are generally used for entry level positions or for entry into apprenticeship programs where training will be conducted. These tests are predictive of candida...
    Customized Assessment Development and Va... Customized Assessment Development and Validation - Ramsay Corporation is a leader in custom test development and test validation for industry and manufacturing. Our database of over 25,000 questions can assist you in diagnosing training needs or developing a promotional program.

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