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  • Clarity Consultants
    Clarity Consultants
    Project Success, By Design.

    Training Delivery - Accelerate the Learning Curve with Expert Training Delivery
    Sales Enablement - Empower Your Sales Team to Achieve More
    Organizational Development - Implement Change. Improve Performance.
    Leadership Development - Elevate Your Team’s Leadership Skills
    Learning Technology - Deliver Employee-Centered Training Through New Technology
    Learning Effectiveness - Enhance Performance with Better Training Insights
    Instructional Design - Improve Performance and Problem Solving with Better Training
    eLearning Content Development - Increase Your Team’s Efficiency With Custom Training Developed By Experts

  • GP Strategies
    GP Strategies
    Knowledge. Performance. Impact.

    Organization and Leadership Development Organization and Leadership Development - The world of work is changing.  Businesses are becoming more interconnected.  Markets are more volatile and uncertain.  And leaders are asked to inspire a more independent, dispersed workforce.  Today's business environment is awash in a whitewater of change.  Organizations...
    Sales Solutions Sales Solutions - The economy has forever changed the way consumers buy.  Sales skills alone are no longer enough.  Are your salespeople supported with the resources and strategies they need to be passionate brand advocates?  Product and sales skills training will always be essential to increasing sale...
    Performance-Driven Custom Content Develo... Performance-Driven Custom Content Development & Delivery - With each passing year, organizational performance issues become more intertwined with your company's ability to be competitive.  From performance to technology, each function within the training lifecycle has a significant impact on your outcomes.  You need comprehensive strategies tailor...
    Human Capital Management Technology Serv... Human Capital Management Technology Services - Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent are key drivers for achieving long-term success.  Can your integrated human capital management solution outpace your competitors'?  Your people are your biggest asset and, for many, also your biggest investment.  GP Strategies delivers...
    Managed Learning Services Managed Learning Services - Learning and development, and talent management programs are increasingly needed on a global scale.  Does your internal team have the bandwidth to deliver consistent results enterprise-wide?  GP Strategies delivers the global resources and expertise you need to address the full spectrum of...

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