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  • Center For Individual & Organization...
    Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness
    OD Consulting, Training, Change, Coaching, Improving Performance, Writing, Developing, Evaluating, Outsourcing

    Human Resources Assessment / Audit - Human Resources Assessment / Audit For processes & practices, compliance, & strategy
    Career Pathways / Career Ladder Models - We develop career pathways / career models for organizations, that include a variety of content such as education requirements, competencies, knowledge, experience, credentials, description, typical roles, etc.  We work on these processes as part of succession planning or career planning proces...
    Procedures / Standard Operating Procedures / SOPs / Manuals - We work with internal SMEs to develop and write complex operating procedures in a variety of industries.   • Develop “Document Guidance” documents outlining guidelines for changes, access, document storage, writing guidelines, training and communication, etc. • Work w...
    Training Manuals & Guides; Instructor Manuals & Guides - Training developed specifically for your needs.  Customized training manuals & training guides.  Instructor manuals & guides as well.  We also develop training guides for specific roles, especially those which are complex and involve extended (4-6 month) training and/or qualif...
    Workforce Development & Training - We provide a variety of workforce development & training services and programs: Provide project management for large-scale, regional or state-wide workforce development initiatives Design/develop training programs - virtually any topic because of our extensive consultant contacts Design/develop...

  • Richardson
    Sales Training and Performance Improvement

    Richardson's Storytelling - Richardson’s Storytelling program is an instructor-led program that enables your sales professionals with the process and skills to tell a great story that will lead to more closed business.
    Richardson's Selling With Insights - Richardson’s Selling with Insights® program trains sellers on advanced-level skills that allow them to know when and how to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.
    Richardson's Consultative Prospecting - Richardson’s Consultative Prospecting program takes an in-depth look at the critical dynamics of reaching new customers.
    Richardson's Consultative Negotiations - Richardson’s Consultative Sales Negotiation Training program offers specific practices that sellers can apply in a variety of negotiations, regardless of deal size or industry. 
    Richardson's Consultative Sales Training - Richardson’s Second Edition Consultative Selling Program focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation or customer meeting and provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue. 

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