Nancy Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Partner, Co-founder
Living As A Leader
Brookfield Wisconsin
Timezone: America/Chicago

Nancy Lewis is an expert leadership development facilitator, coach and consultant. One of her greatest
talents is designing and executing customized solutions to complex leadership challenges. With nearly
30 years in the field, Nancy is highly sought after as a versatile provider to many companies within a
variety of industries.

In 2002, Nancy and Aleta co-founded Living As A Leader® to support the effectiveness of leaders at all
levels of an organization. Nancy’s role is to oversee the delivery of services to clients; support the
recruitment, development and quality of performance of our team of facilitators and coaches; and to
provide leadership to the operations side of the business.

Before co-founding Living As A Leader, Nancy worked for several years as a training and development
leader within the corporate environment. In that capacity, Nancy specialized in facilitation, program
design and providing internal consulting services.

Additional Expertise:

  • Tenured business leader with a proven track record of success
  • Co-authored the Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series and System
  • Holds numerous certifications in the field of training and development
  • Studied leadership effectiveness for more than 25 years
  • Earned MA in Training & Development and Adult Education

“I am grateful for the opportunity to touch the lives of leaders and employees through our work! In all
that I do, may I be kind, tolerant and accountable.”

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