Mollie Lombardi

Mollie Lombardi

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Workforce Management
Brandon Hall Group
Delray Beach Florida
Timezone: America/New_York

Mollie has spent the last 15 years working with HR leaders across the globe, surveying and interviewing tens of thousands of end-users to understand the key workforce challenges facing today’s organizations. Her research focuses on understanding the combination of strategies, processes, and tools, and technologies that enable organizations to achieve measurable business success. Mollie’s research and consulting work has helped organizations in a wide variety of industries unleash the potential of their talent, unlock the insights from their workforce data, and think through the change management challenges required by shifting demographics, changing marketplace needs, and technological innovation in the human capital space. She has written and spoken about a wide variety of HCMhuman capital management topics, including strategic workforce management, workforce planning, employee assessments, and learning, as well asand the use of emerging technologies.


  • JoinedSeptember 16, 2014

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