Coaching cultures realized.


  • Coaching in the Moment® workshop

    Begin the foundation for cultural change with Cylient’s Coaching in the Moment workshop, a one-day, PowerPoint-free learning experience that many people respond to in a profound way. Through listening exercises, group discussions, practice with real-life coaching scenarios, and more, people discover for themselves the power that “in the moment” coaching ignites. Our simple, memorable Untying the Knot® approach is so practical, participants leave the workshop ready to engage in conversations they were previously avoiding.

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    Coaching in the Moment® workshop
  • Feedback in the Moment® Workshop

    Extend the learning from Coaching in the Moment with our Feedback in the Moment workshop. Why? Traditional approaches to feedback often create defensive reactions that are more likely to result in rifts than learning. That’s a problem because learning is essential for keeping pace in our world of continuous change. Our one-day Feedback in the Moment workshop gives your leaders the confidence to offer “in the moment” feedback in an appreciative way that inspires people to change. We guide participants to untie their own “knots,” so they can offer coaching and feedback in service of helping others to realize their potential, rather than causing disconnects by pushing their own agendas.

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    Feedback in the Moment® Workshop
  • Video-Based eLearning

    eLearning enables you to offer the same content as the instructor-led Coaching in the Moment® and Feedback in the Moment® workshops to anyone in your organization on a global scale. It can also be used with workshop participants to reinforce the learning from the instructor-led workshops. Combined with Application Sessions, the eLearning programs offer a scalable blended learning approach for organizations of any size.

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