A collection of real life business situations for coaching, training and workplace learning.


  • Downward Feedback Deck

    One hallmark of any leader is the ability to give meaningful feedback to direct reports. Facilitators may use a variety of models to teach feedback skills. These scenarios can be used to reinforce any model. They address situations that will no doubt be very familiar to your workshop participants, capturing the kinds of things leaders need to give feedback on nearly every day.

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    Downward Feedback Deck
  • Upward Feedback Deck

    Giving feedback to a boss requires skill, finesse, and nerves of steel! Forward-thinking organizations recognize that leaders can only get better when they receive honest, helpful feedback from various constituents – including their direct reports. This deck provides a dozen realistic cases to help people learn this tricky skill. Both positive and constructive feedback scenarios provide plenty of practice.

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    Upward Feedback Deck
  • Peer Feedback Deck

    While most professionals are accustomed to giving feedback to their direct reports, giving feedback to peers is just as important and certainly more complicated! You'll recognize some of the characters in these cases . . . the needy co-worker, the slacker, the complainer, and others . . . people whose behavior needs to be addressed, and soon! The person who can skillfully give feedback to a peer clearly demonstrates leadership potential.

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    Peer Feedback Deck
  • Feedback Super Deck

    The Superdeck contains one of each of the three feedback decks, enabling you to add variety to your workshop and be sure there are scenarios that are relevant to ALL participants – front line people and executives alike! The Feedback decks lend themselves well to a variety of training topics – including feedback (of course!), assertiveness, and conflict management.

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    Feedback Super Deck
  • Influence Deck

    Influencing may be defined as the ability to get others to do something, without force, power, or coercion. Influence is most challenging in relationships between peers, or from subordinate to manager. With cross-functional project teams and flatter organizations, the ability to influence others is an increasingly critical skill to possess. The Influencing deck provides twelve relevant scenarios for practice in influencing others in real-life work situations.

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    Influence Deck
  • Performance Management Deck

    Managing others’ performance is a critical skill for leaders at every level. Leaders have an obligation to employees and to the organization to develop people, helping them to overcome their liabilities and develop their strengths. From day-to-day conversations to formal review sessions, there are often challenges in addressing performance issues. The Performance Management deck provides twelve relevant scenarios for managing employee performance in real-life work situations.

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    Performance Management Deck
  • Human Resources Deck

    A set of robust, real-world scenarios to help your management team deal with the trickiest HR situations in the safety of a classroom setting.

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    Human Resources Deck
  • CaseCards in Spanish

    CaseCards are available in Spanish! Currently all of our decks are available in Spanish in the digital version with Upward, Downward and Peer Feedback Decks, including the Super Deck option, also available in the printed version.

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  • Custom Cases

    While our product line was developed to be relevant across many industries, some organizations prefer custom cases -- with your job titles, your industry lingo, your specific challenges.  We will gladly work with you to identify your most pressing concerns and then write cases that will enable you to reinforce learning with very specific, highly relevant situations. Branding custom cases with your organization's logo is also available.  Call us to discuss details!

  • Content Development and Delivery

    With over 40 years' combined experience in learning and development, we are uniquely poised to help you craft learning solutions for your organization.  We design and deliver custom training for a wide range of industries and organizational levels, with a strong focus on practical skills, interactive learning, and immediate application back on the job.  We'll be happy to consult with you to determine how best to interface with your organization.



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