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  • Compensation Plan Design


    JER HR Group collaboratively designs strategic compensation programs that align with your business strategy and workplace culture, help you attract and retain talented individuals, and become an ‘Employer of Choice’. 

    Compensation Plan Design services include:

    • Plan Structure, Design and Development
    • Creating Pay Grade and Salary Range Matrix
    • Competency Models
    • Pay Equity Analysis
    • Career Path Models
    • FLSA Review

    There are many factors that influence the design of a compensation program, but the ultimate goal is to:

    • Align your compensation strategy with your organization’s culture and values;
    • Ensure your pay practices comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations;
    • Attract and retain staff with the skills and experience necessary to fulfill your mission and maintain...
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    Compensation Plan Design
  • Executive & Staff Compensation

    JER HR Group helps your organization build a fair and equitable rewards plan that attracts and retains talented individuals.

    Let's talk about: 

    • EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION What’s driving the conversation?
    • STAFF COMPENSATION Everything has changed with the pandemic.
    • COMP PLAN DESIGN How to connect compensation with values & priorities.
    • CUSTOM SALARY SURVEYS Remote, relocated or market challenges you need to know.

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    Executive & Staff Compensation
  • Leadership

    JER HR Group helps oganizations create a healthy, high performing, people focused environment that can do extraordinary things.

    Services include:

    • EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT: How to build a culture of growth & achievement.
    • COACHING: Great leaders make great teams; great teams are full of people.
    • TRAINING WORKSHOPS: Elevating people to deliver change.
    • HEALTHCARE DEVELOPMENT: Executive development for hectic, constantly changing environments.

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  • HR Consultation & Technology

    JER HR Group helps clients drive innovative HR practices and processes and realize exceptional business value from HRIS technology.

    Services include:

    • HR AUDITS: What’s driving the conversation? The pandemic changes everything. 
    • HR OUTSOURCING: Driving innovation in the changing structure of HR.
    • EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS: Delivering the information employees need to know.
    • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: HR isn’t an afterthought; it’s the law.
    • INVESTIGATIONS: Crucial knowledge every employer should know.

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    HR Consultation & Technology
  • Talent Management

    JER HR Group accelerates the path to value, helping clients hire the right talent and develop every individual to their full potential.

    Services include:

    • EXECUTIVE & STAFF RECRUITING: Great companies are made by great employees.
    • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Grow your people, grow your business. 
    • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Strategic, sustainable diversity & inclusion initiatives.
    • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Impact change on people, processes and the bottom-line.
    • EMPLOYEE SURVEYS: Listening & understanding employee needs and concerns.
    • WORKFORCE TRAINING: Grow knowledge, improve job skills and remain safe at work.
    • ELEARNING: Smart eLearning solutions to deliver, manage, and track employee development and workforce training. Learn more at www.Trainery.com. 

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    Talent Management
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