Founded in 2002, Living As A Leader is a leadership training, coaching and consulting firm based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Supporting leaders at all levels, Living As A Leader uses a combination of training, coaching and success assurances to develop people into highly effective, productive leaders. To achieve long-term sustainability, we employ a steady-progress-over-time process, further enhanced by the use of mobile learning technology.

With our comprehensive Leadership Development System as the foundation, we align the leadership development design for each client with the unique nuances of culture, budget and competing priorities. Living As A Leader also offers eLearning for the individual leader, virtual facilitator-led workshops, curriculum for Emerging Leaders and Train-the-Trainer Certification for the Leadership Development System, for both in-house corporate trainers and leadership development consultants.

More than 500 organizations across the country have chosen to partner with Living As A Leader because of our common-sense solutions that develop intentional individual leaders, as well as corporate leadership cultures. For more information, visit www.livingasaleader.com.


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  • Aleta Norris
    Aleta Norris

    Partner, Co-founder
    Living As A Leader
    Brookfield, Wisconsin

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    Nancy Lewis

    Partner, Co-founder
    Living As A Leader
    Brookfield, Wisconsin