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Mandel is a global provider of communication skills coaching and training to Fortune 1000 companies.

Since 1993, Mandel has been dedicated to helping executives, sales, and technical professionals achieve improved business results through effective business conversations and presentations, particularly when the stakes are high. Mandel's proprietary approach to strengthening presentation, conversation, and facilitation skills turns spoken communications into a competitive advantage.

With a global presence, Mandel delivers its solutions both face-to-face and virtually in more than 15 languages, across 75 countries.


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  • Presenting Technical Ideas to Business Audiences September 12, 2019 9:00am

    You know your scientists, engineers, and technology experts are the best around. They're proven innovators and solution providers within your organization. Why, then, is presenting to a business audience such a common challenge for technical professionals? Learn 11 tactics your technical team can use right now to make them more effective and influential communicators for any business decision maker.
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  • A Little-Known Technique for Calming Your Anxiety About Public Speaking August 29, 2019 9:00am

    Admittedly, I've struggled to find a reliable way to help people reduce their public speaking anxiety, despite years of trying. I’ve advised people to do just about anything I could think of that might help, e.g., breathing, meditation. While I haven't found the thing that works every time for every person, there is one technique that seems to be more effective than most. Even if you've already found something that works well for you, this technique is worth trying out.
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  • Is Memorizing Your Presentation a Bad Idea? August 15, 2019 9:00am

    Imagine being asked to present to your entire company tomorrow. Does the idea of it make you nervous? You might be tempted to get right to work, writing every word down and committing them to memory. Now, what if I said you couldn’t memorize your talk? Whoa, wait a minute. You wonder, “How am I supposed to remember what to say?”Find out why memorizing is a terrible idea and what you should do instead to prepare for your next presentation.
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  • Are Your User Conference Speakers Ready for the Spotlight? August 1, 2019 9:00am

    You’ve got all the ingredients in place for a fantastic user conference. Prime venue in a desirable city. Former US president as the keynote. An iconic rock band to entertain attendees. Now, there’s just one question...Are your technical experts ready for their moment in the spotlight?Be sure to set your speakers up for success. Read this week's blog to find out how.
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  • What Is the Secret to Nobel Laureate Success? July 25, 2019 9:00am

    I met former Nobel Prize Museum curator Tobias Degsell in Belgium last month at the 2019 European ABPM Conference. An expert in creativity and learning, Tobias gave a fascinating keynote on the common ingredients of Nobel Laureate success. Among them? Creativity. Courage. Persistence. But there's another factor that research suggests matters even more. Read this week's blog to learn the secret ingredient to Nobel Laureate success. (Hint: It’s not just that they're smart!)
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  • Influencing Others Through Story; A Valuable Lesson from Game of Thrones June 20, 2019 9:00am

    What inspires and motivates people to action? Here’s a hint: it’s not a PowerPoint deck filled with data points and analytics. Learning how to share a powerful story can positively influence others and help your ideas become memorable. Perhaps you need to promote a new idea or close that crucial sale. Learn how some of the most successful business ventures today got their start from sharing a powerful story and how you can make your own narrative work for you.
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