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Transform performance by changing the way people think, feel and behave at work and in life

The Mind Gym

By helping people to flourish, then the businesses they work in will flourish too.

We do this uniquely by combining the most recent behavioral psychology with the latest consumer marketing techniques, so our solutions always appeal most to the individual and have business impact.

To date we have worked with 61% of the FTSE 100 and 53% of the S&P 100 to help them solve some of their most pressing people challenges, including:

- Performance management
- Management development
- Personal effectiveness
- Employee engagement & communications
- Reorganization & change
- Onboarding

How our clients adopt Mind Gym varies depending on their need. We have over 300 ready-to-go, bite-size modules and over 280 qualified coaches, so you can run a Mind Gym session, or combine them to create a bespoke program, quickly with minimal fuss. If the off-the-shelf option doesn't quite fit your needs, then our in-house team of psychologists can create better-suited versions or design entirely from scratch.


  • One of us: How to foster inclusion in a diverse workforce

    Diversity is bad for business. The fear of being different is not only stifling talent, it’s a primary cause of low productivity. Diversity quotas may be making it onto the strategic agenda, but they fail to address the human need to feel safe. There’s a lot to be said on the subject, but which bits are worth listening to? The team of psychologists at Mind Gym have spent the last 6 months combing extensive peer-reviewed research and met with chief diversity officers from many of the world’s most progressive companies to bring you the solution. This ebook provides the evidence to answer three vital questions: When is diversit... More »

    One of us: How to foster inclusion in a...


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