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Result-oriented rapid elearning solutions with custom design and development expertise

42 Design Square, LLC.

42 Design Square is a New Jersey based custom elearning and training design company with deep experience in creating exceptionally well-crafted interactive solutions for corporate, government, and non-government clientele. 42 Design Square's deliberate and decisive specialization in creating rapid elearning solutions combined with evidence-based instructional design practices has yielded out-of-the-box cost effective training experiences for our corporate and other clients.

We offer result-oriented, performance-driven instructional design and behavior changing interaction design, which are enhanced by professional graphic design geared to enhance perception, engage learners, promote brand value, and advertise the training itself.

Bridging the Instructor-Led Training to Elearning Gap: Just as subject matter is the moving heart of your training presentation, instructional design with professional interaction and graphic design brings any elearning alive.

We partner with stakeholders to create highly functional cost effective elearning, which maps to learner needs and business goals. Our elearning authoring and technical expertise allows us to create highly interactive solutions that integrate seamlessly into your work culture, digital environment, and learning management systems.
Our repertoire of service solutions include:

  • Interactive presentations with assessments
  • Practice-feedback scaffolded elearning
  • Compliance elearning for certification
  • Scenario-based learning with personalized feedback
  • Serious games focussed on problem solving situations
  • Demonstrations and simulations based on computer/product applications

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Distribution: Elearning has spawned newer platforms and technologies and with it have arisen concerns of content accessibility and compatibility.

We partner with your tech team and stakeholders to make elearning available on all relevant platforms and compatible with the needs of your employees and learners. We guide you with our time-tested consulting paradigms to increase the rate of return on every dollar you invest in converting your content into elearning.
Our elearning delivery adaptations include:

  • Blended learning with the appropriate modality mix
  • Microlearning that integrates into the big organizational training picture
  • Mobile elearning to address learner device preferences
  • HTML5 conversions that leverage and enhance legacy content
  • Language localisation to address different geographies and cultures

Visit us as www.42designsquare.com to learn more about our services, client case studies, and award-winning elearning demos.

Email us at info@42designsquare.com for any business enquiries.



    Are your web-training catalog courses marred by design monotony and factory-type template interactions? 42 Design Square provides professional instructional and graphic design services that extract your high-value training content and package it for top-notch results and reactions.
    Our design services assure:

    • Elearning that achieves your training mission and goals
    • Instructional design that subscribes to a learning culture
    • Graphic design that strengthens your brand and content
    • Interaction design that motivates and engages learners
    • Technical solutions that increase ROI and widen your reach 

    More Information » www.42designsquare.com/learning-solutions


    Is your high-value learning content getting less traction from the learners? Our team can get your learners engaged into purposeful interactions that motivate them to process content deeper and result into greater behavioral impact. Training teams shy away from creating game-based or intensive interactions for want of experience and technical expertise in authoring software and its associated design challenges. We work with training teams and subject matter experts to create highly interactive game-based and scenario driven courseware.
    Our high-interactivity work showcases:

    • Rapid elearning taken to new higher level
    • Creative design for meaningful interaction
    • Expertise in authoring software and media design
    • Creating opportunities for personalized learning

    More Information » www.42designsquare.com/learning-solutions


    Does your web-training catalog house old courses that represent valuable efforts by SMEs and course developers but still remain inaccessible on modern browsers and devices? Does your organization need your training content to catch up with expanding geographies and diverse cultures?
    42 Design Square offers:

    • Media and Interactivity Redesign Services
    • Flash to HTML5 conversions
    • Mobile learning conversions
    • Localisation services

    More Information » www.42designsquare.com/learning-solutions


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