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  • S.I.G

    S.I.G teaches and reinforces six behaviors essential to any organizations culture. The game uses scenarios to influence core competencies,  "courage, respect, openness, commitment, empathy, and focus" (FORCCE), racial sensitivity, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. These are the characteristics Agile organizations need exhibted in the workplace, if they are to transform and adapt.  

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  • Interactive-Instructor Edition

    An Agile Solution!
    That can be tailored made for you. Designed to re-engage your teams, help them learn to collaborate and improve their productivity. Get your teams to be Agile in a fun and sustainable manner.  Interactive is a platform for collaboration and training.  Contact us to learn more.

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    Interactive-Instructor Edition
  • Interactive-Ignite

    Interactive Ignite edition is a game platform for on demand learning, where lessons, quizzes, capabiliy paths, and assessments are gamified. You get to control what the learners sees in their game platfom, controlling badges, questions, games, courses, themes, and bravos. Ignite is designed to help engage using FORCCE (focus, openness, respect, courage, commitment and empathy).

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  • Custom Services

    Depending on your needs we can customize and provide you with a tailor made solution. Whether it be training on demand, elearning, game simulation, virtual instructor led Agile training for your staff, or Vyond training Videos.

  • Akeakami Quest: Team Building

    Akeakami Quest is a team building game designed to help team learn to work together.  This is a puzzle game, teams will need use strategy, communication, and collaboration to figure out how to restore the island.  There are nine levels to the game with 3 minutes to complete, each level will be more difficult. At each level the team is given a score of their performance and at the end of the 9 levels they will receive a final score.

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    Akeakami Quest: Team Building