Transforming Business Through People


  • Coaching and Development

    • Coaching Report - Job-specific or general report ideal for the manager that includes coaching questions to guide the incumbent’s professional growth.
    • Individual Developmental Guide - Development report for employee or candidate consumption that includes developmental suggestions and tips on how to leverage strengths.
    • Caliper Precision Series - Self-paced, Technology-hosted learning experience that provides skills development via targeted, microlearning modules.

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    Coaching and Development
  • Caliper Certification

    • Learn the basics of Caliper Profile interpretation and how to apply your knowledge in real-world hiring and development situations.
    • Caliper Certification is pre-approved for 7 ATD Learning Credits.

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    Caliper Certification
  • Executive Development Solutions

    • Executive Development Services - Leadership Strategy, Three Sixty, Specialized Coaching, Team Effectiveness, Action Learning, and Succession Planning. 

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    Executive Development Solutions
  • Analytics

    • Analyze your talent on Caliper’s award-winning dashboard in real time to compare and build teams, make leadership and promotional decisions, and leverage talent data for other organizational initiatives.

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  • Recruiting and Selection

    • Quick View - Screener report for hourly, high-volume hiring.
    • Highlights - Report for hiring mid-level professionals and individual contributors.
    • Essentials Report - Robust report for manager-level and above hires. Includes behavioral interview questions and tips for effective onboarding. (see explanation below)

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    Recruiting and Selection