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Caliper is an employee assessment and talent management solutions company that helps businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. Caliper partners across all types of organizations, industries, and sectors – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and from government agencies to non-profits.

Caliper's solutions are built from a unique combination of rigorous behavioral science, leading-edge technology, and deep expertise. Whether you need to hire for an important position, promote from within, reduce turnover, improve team effectiveness, or develop current and future leaders, Caliper can help you make the best talent management decisions.


  • Caliper Certification

    • Learn the basics of Caliper Profile Interpretation and how to apply your knowledge in real-world hiring and development situations.

    More Information » www.calipercorp.com/certification

    Caliper Certification
  • Recruiting and Selection

    • Quick View - Screener report for hourly, high-volume hiring.
    • Highlights - Report for hiring mid-level professionals and individual contributors.
    • Essentials Report - Robust report for manager-level and above hires. Includes behavioral interview questions and tips for effective onboarding. (see explanation below)

    More Information » www.calipercorp.com/caliper-essentials-report-suit...

    Recruiting and Selection
  • Coaching and Development

    • Coaching Report - Job specific or general report ideal for the manager that includes coaching questions to guide the incumbent’s professional growth.
    • Individual Development Guide - Development report for employee or candidate consumption that includes developmental suggestions and tips on how to leverage strengths.

    More Information » www.calipercorp.com/caliper-essentials-coaching

    Coaching and Development
  • Training and OD Solutions

    • OD Services - Three Sixty analyses, leadership development, in-depth coaching and other organizational change initiatives.
    • Caliper Precision Series - Self-paced, Technology-hosted learning experience that provides skill development for key sales roles via targeted, micro-learning modules.

    More Information » www.calipercorp.com/three-sixty-plus

    Training and OD Solutions
  • Analytics

    • Analyze your talent on Caliper’s dashboard in real time to compare and build teams, make leadership and promotional decisions and leverage talent data for other organizational initiatives.

    More Information » www.calipercorp.com/caliper-analytics



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