Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

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Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

The Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness (C4IOE) is a management consulting firm, that provides services to businesses, individuals, government and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and for non-U.S. locations of multi-national / global organizations. Our services include: organization development and effectiveness, talent development, human resources strategies / processes, performance improvement and process redesign, training and curriculum design, change management, strategic planning, technical writing including procedures and manuals, and other organizational initiatives and practices, for the purposes of improving performance of, and creating positive change in individuals and organizations. We have been in business since 1998.

C4IOE strives to be different in the way we approach business. Rather than operating in a reactive mode with Clients, and delivering simply "another intervention or another program," we actively seek to understand the organizations and people we help to develop and change. We partner with leadership, and develop and execute on strategies to achieve results. We are about improving performance, rather than offering another program or initiative that adds little value.

We offer a variety of services in each of the following areas:

o Meetings, Conference, Programs, Retreats, Processes
o Facilitation of planning meetings and team meetings
o Retreats, conferences

o Groups, Individuals, Specifically designed around your training needs
o Curriculum, Programs, On-site (classroom) or webinar
o Outdoor leadership programs, adventure programs
o Talent Development / Talent Management strategy & initiatives
o Workforce Development & Knowledge transfer
o Train the trainer, coach, presenter

o Technical Writing – procedures / SOPs, manuals, guides, job aides, technical training, O&M, safety
o White papers and models to support change and development

o Organization development / Organizational effectiveness
o Change initiatives
o Process redesign and performance improvement
o Human resources practices, services & systems
o Performance management
o Global / multi-national / international
o We analyze needs of the organization and recommend changes for performance improvement, better communication, adaptability to and adoption of changes, development of people, etc.

o Curriculum, Programs, Guides, Processes, People, Organization
o Executive & Leadership Development
o Retention & Outplacement

o Developing structures that facilitate change across the organization
o Pre and Post change consulting – readiness, preparation, communication, planning, facilitation, evaluation

o Groups / Teams, Individuals, Executives / Executive coaching, Managers
o Career and Professional Development
o Individual, Career, Assessment & Coaching

o Facilitation of planning meetings and team meetings
o Strategic Planning / Organizational Planning
o Operational Planning (operations plan)
o Hoshin Planning
o People planning

Evaluating / Assessing
o Assessments of people
o Evaluating and assessing organizational effectiveness and potential for improvements
o Effectiveness of processes and recommendations for improvements
o Organizational assessment / People assessment

o We step into temporary assignments for human resources, organization development, talent development & management leadership roles – VP, director, manager


  • Workforce Development & Training

    More Information » c4ioe.com/workforce-development-training

  • Training Manuals & Guides; Instructor Manuals & Guides

    Training developed specifically for your needs.  Customized training manuals & guides.  Instructor manuals & guides as well.

  • Procedures / Standard Operating Procedures / SOPs

    We work with internal SMEs to develop and write complex operating procedures in a variety of industries.

  • Career Pathways / Career Ladder Models

    We develop career pathway / career ladder models for organizations, including variety of content such as education, competencies, knowledge, tenure, credentials, description, typical roles, etc.

Web Site: www.c4ioe.com