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Commit Global has been helping corporations around the world translate their products, services, and brands in local languages making them culturally relevant for more than 20 years.

At Commit Global, we see the biggest value in collaboration and we strive to cultivate such a relationship with our customers. Our communication is to the point. Our action is prompt and transparent. Our delivery is consistently reliable and high-standard.

We consider our people being the key not only for our but also for our customers’ success, and that is how we perceive the value of corporate training and e-learning solutions.

We are ISO 9001, 17100, 13485 and 27001 certified, applying strict QA procedures in our everyday work.

Get in touch with us for:

  • e-Learning Courseware Localization
  • Rich Media Presentations
  • Subtitle Creation/Translation
  • Voice-Over
  • Art, Graphics and Animation Localization
  • e-Learning Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Website Localization & Optimization
  • Software Localization  


Are you ready to train your global teams in their language?


Expanding your business to foreign markets and need to train your employees and clients? Commit Global can help you adapt your training and e-Learning material, making sure it is culturally appropriate for the target audience.

Simple text, PowerPoint presentations or voice-over: whatever your training needs may be, our team of experienced linguists can help enhance the training effectiveness of your program and get the maximum out of your training investment.

Given the complexity of e-Learning and training projects, Commit Global uses only professional linguists, subtitlers and engineers to fully meet our client’s most challenging localization needs. Our resources are carefully selected, are native to the target language and have substantial experience in e-Learning localization. Also, if your project requires voice-over services, then we offer professional voice over talents/actors in more than 50 languages. We will find and suggest the most suitable voices to guarantee your video project will be a success and your audience engaged. 


  • e-Learning Localization


    Upskilling and continuous professional development have dynamically entered the HR domain not only for upscaling but also as a means for retention. Corporate training is probably among the first candidates for digital transformation and localization, while relevance of content and cultural conventions are top priority concerns.


    No matter what the target language and culture is, our in-country teams take the lead in e-learning localization maintaining corporate mentality and identity while enhancing the training effectiveness of your program and helping you get the maximum out of your training investment.


    Our engineers, voice talents, DTPers and testers complement the e-learning localization process so that no matter what your training platform is, the localized courseware we deliver is final and ready for your users to dive in.

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    e-Learning Localization
  • Software Localization

    When developing your software or app, adopting a global release perspective is key. We have vast experience with localization practices and tools, thus being able to handle even the most technically demanding projects.


    User experience and functionality is at the heart of every software system, and it should not be compromised in the product’s localized versions.


    From UI length restrictions to functional and linguistic testing, remotely and on-site, our processes and tools ensure a consistent global strategy during a product’s life cycle that increases your company’s return on investment.


    Using appropriate tools that:

    • integrate with your systems
    • support numerous file formats and standards
    • combine multiple language assets, such as translation memories, term bases, quality assurance settings and style guides
    • allow for in-country review for client local teams
    Software Localization
  • Website Localization

    Your website is your window to the world and the door to your customers. Nowadays, no matter where you are, you can reach the whole world. Marketing and selling your products or services around the globe has never been easier, but the easier the logistics got, the harder it got to be relevant.


    Did you know that the number of languages you need to reach a given share of the global market is constantly increasing? In 2017 companies needed to localize their website and products in 14 languages in order to reach 90% of the internet-accessible GDP, but they will need 17 by 2027.


    Also, did you know that, according to an Economist survey, poor translations are considered one of the 4 factors that is most likely to cause the greatest misunderstanding in cross-border communication for organizations at a rate of 23%?


    Localizing your website is a serious investment, no matter how big or small, and it should be treated like one...

    Website Localization
  • Multilingual Voice-over

    As part of your corporate initiatives spanning worldwide, of your training program for your global teams, or your marketing strategy, video is in the spotlight. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures.


    With your viewers’ attention span down to 8 sec, there is not much time for you to get your message across, so the easier you make it for your audience, the more chances you have to get them.


    Through our professional voice talents in more than 50 languages, we can select the most suitable voices to guarantee your video project will be a success. With our flexible tools and processes, we take care of your multimedia content localization while you are in total control at every project stage.

    Multilingual Voice-over
  • Subtitle Translation

    Though the voice-over option may be preferable in some countries, there are people and countries where it would sound and feel awkward. To our Greek colleagues, watching a dubbed video would feel so strange to the point where they would turn away or search for the captioning option. On the other hand, Kevin Costner speaks Italian fluently when on the Italian TV.


    When it comes to your corporate or marketing video, appeal and relatedness are the main targets, but budget is always a consideration. Our teams can help you choose the best approach depending on the region while keeping to the budget. Besides translating the script, time-coded or not, we can also break the script to subtitles, time-code it based on the video, and deliver both soft-coded and hard-coded subtitle files.

    Subtitle Translation

  • Localization Process Optimization: Schoox

    Our client, Schoox, is an innovative Talent Development Platform that has created a cloud-based solution for employee learning and business growth. Click on the link below to learn how we helped transform and streamline their software localization workflow. More »

    Localization Process Optimization: Schoo...

IT & Software Localization
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