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Disrupt the comfortable

Christine Sachs Coaching

Disrupt the comfortable” is a mantra that Christine and her fellow coaches live by. We believe that change (and the corresponding results) happens because we have the willingness to risk our own profit for your performance. We would rather be in an uncomfortable conversation if it means propelling you to the results you want rather than tell you what you think you want to hear.


We create deep and intimate relationships with our clients. We believe that relationship is the key to success and model that in our own work.


Each of our coaches has their own coach and is committed to growing as an individual and as a coach. Where we stop in our own development is where we become unable to propel our clients forward. We are also multi-faceted in our skills from: team building, assessment tools, executive leadership development, and new manager training.


Our highest commitments and deliverables to our clients are:

- Excellence

- Service

- Connection

- Creation

- Belonging 




  • Christine Sachs
    Christine Sachs

    Head Coach & President
    Christine Sachs Coaching
    New York, New York