Accelerating Sales Success


Selleration offers a SaleReadiness platform - UPtick - that measures, predicts and develops the capabilities of professional salespeople. The system can be used pre-hire to assess and measure prospective sales candidates, then post-hire to identify strengths and weaknesses and gaps in performance. These gaps can be addressed with a gamefied "Knowledge Game" that can be used to increase industry and competitive knowledge, and 3D animated role plays that simulate real-life sales situations and provide a safe, risk-free environment to learn and perfect sales skills. UPtick provides a prescribed Learning Cadence to address specific needs of each professional, and executive reporting that can predict quota and provide at-a-glance measurement and understanding of the capabilities of the sales organization.  In addition to other immersive training capabilities, Selleration recently added Virtual Reality customized role play scenarios to the portfolio of UPtick capabilities. 


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