Closing skill gaps through personalized learning and iCompetency -- we make people GREAT at their jobs! (Powering The ATD Skill Tracker)


Experience iCompetency. Wave learner disengagement goodbye.

Close skill gaps faster. Accelerate learning transfer.


iCompetency makes personalized learning as easy as 3 simple steps

  1. Create a competency model. Enable competency-based learning in weeks.
  2. Make your competency model actionable. You can do that in hours.
  3. Accelerate learning transfer. You achieve it in just minutes.


Personalized Learning eliminates skill gaps and accelerates learning transfer

  • Overcome employee resistance to learning
  • Create relevance and employee buy-in to skill development plans
  • Intrinsically motivate people to change behavior
  • Create the best environment for learning transfer and resulting change in skills
  • Drive employee engagement and retention
  • Eliminate training waste caused by developing and delivering the wrong content to the wrong audience


Click here to find out more about Personalized Learning and how it can help you attract and retain high performers.  And there are even more benefits to Learning & Development departments.

Build support for Why Employees Taking Charge Of Their Learning Is Good For You.


The SDLE is the ATD Skill Tracker

SkillDirector partners with ATD to provide the ATD Skill Tracker. Use the ATD Skill Tracker to create a personalized learning plan for the role you have or the role you want next. http://td.org/skilltracker


Our software makes people GREAT at their jobs!


It starts with competency models

Today’s leading organizational challenges are increasing skill gaps and lack of employee engagement.

Competency models have the ability to close skill gaps, increase engagement, drive retention, and also be used to improve:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Individual skill development
  • Career planning
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Communicating culture
  • Developing a Learning & Development action plan
  • Read more about the business case

 If you don’t use them, you risk:

  • A disconnect between learning investments and corporate strategy
  • Learning programs that don’t close the right skill gaps
  • Frustrated and disengaged employees who still can’t do their job
  • Skill gap guessing vs. actual identification (that will go over well with executives!)
  • One-size-fits-all vs. personalized learning – you cannot implement personalized learning without one


3 simple ways to build a competency model

1) We can build it for you - see how easy

2) You can build your own - watch webinar

3) You can use a standard model -  learn more

Check out the webcast How To Use Standard Competency Models


  • Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)

    To make your competency model actionable, your model must be accessible and assessable. That means getting it off the PowerPoint, out of the spreadsheets and into your employees’ hands. Quickly. Easily. Elegantly. It takes just hours to get the information into the Self-Directed Learning Engine.

    More Information » skilldirector.com/sdle

    Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)



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