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Sounding Board, Inc. is the industry leader in scalable leadership coaching. Offering the world's first customizable leadership coaching platform to combine technology and coaching to drive measurable business impact for global enterprises, the Coaching Management System is designed to lift the administrative burden for enterprise-wide leadership coaching programs and make them easier to deliver, manage, measure and scale.

With a globally managed network of world-class coaches covering more than 60 countries and 15+ languages, the award-winning company works with enterprise and hypergrowth client-partners like Chime, Zoom, Dropbox, VMware, Bloomberg and others to develop coaching solutions that drive leadership development and organizational success.

Our Leadership Coaching Services include personalized, 1:1 Executive-Style Coaching, as well Leadership Labs Group Coaching. We offer a global network of professional coaches, dedicated to addressing leadership skills gaps and driving immediate business impact. We also supplement and support in-house coaches, providing tools and framework they can use to generate insights and have more meaningful coaching conversations.

Our Coaching Management System lifts the administrative burden of managing complex coaching programs, while providing greater transparency, data analytics and reporting - so that you can focus your time and resources on expanding your bench of business leaders.

Sounding Board is transforming talent development, setting a new industry standard for leadership coaching at scale.


  • 1:1 Executive Coaching

    Sounding Board’s executive-style 1:1 coaching and Leadership Skill Development is focused on key leadership capabilities that impact the bottom line; from building teams, making strategic decisions, managing remote teams, delegating….and more. We partner with each business leader to create a personalized development plan focused on their individual leadership challenges and goals in order to drive business impact.

    More Information » www.soundingboardinc.com/one-to-one-coaching

  • Leadership Labs Group Coaching

    Leadership Labs Group Coaching allows you to accelerate your organization's agility, productivity and leadership capabilities. Designed to explore a specific set of leadership capabilities in a regular cadence with small groups of colleagues, it encourages and drives peer learning. With group coaching, leaders can collectively explore and learn from others, creating deeper connections and actionable, long-term development of critical leadership capabilities.

    More Information » www.soundingboardinc.com/group-coaching



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