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Custom Presentation and Facilitation Skills Training for Your Team

Turpin Communication is a business communication training company. We build the skills presenters, meeting facilitators, and trainers need to achieve their goals, work more efficiently, and grow leadership capabilities. Our process is about simplification and personalization. We untangle confusing assumptions, clarify fuzzy definitions, and reject the tyranny of generic rules.

What We Do

Everything we do in the training room is designed to help presenters, meeting facilitators, and trainers build their communication capabilities. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, learning something new, or gaining alignment—every workshop is designed to help the participants be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, leadership capability increases, careers advance, and organizations thrive.

Who We Are

Turpin Communication was created in 1992 to provide the best business communication skills training available. We are a team of curious, empathetic realists dedicated to the idea that effective, efficient workday communication is possible for everyone.

We build relationships with clients on a foundation of transparency, trust, responsiveness, and respect. In the training room, we are tireless in our desire to understand the unique challenge each learner faces and find the simplest, most practical path to improvement.

Find out what we mean when we say: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. UNTANGLED.


  • Presentation Skills Training

    We focus on business results. While a particular workshop may focus on a specific business goal—closing a deal, making a decision, or gaining alignment—all of our training is designed to help people be more comfortable, effective, and confident communicators. When employees communicate more effectively, their leadership skills improve and their careers advance. That means good things for your team and your company.

    Untangling a Lifetime of Knots

    Many businesspeople come to our workshops tied up in knots about what they need to do to communicate better. Some worry about the best way to prepare for and manage face-to-face communication. Sometimes this leads to inefficient overpreparation or frustrating attempts to follow advice that’s not right for them. Other people struggle to find the right way to manage their nervousness. The work we do as presentation skills trainers helps everyone, regardless of industry or rank, gain self-awareness a...
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    Presentation Skills Training
  • Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training

    Our meeting facilitation training helps businesspeople lead and contribute to meetings that get business done. Sometimes meetings are routine. At other times they are high-stakes pressure cooker interactions. Regardless of the situation, meeting facilitators must create the conditions for a fruitful conversation and manage that conversation so that business moves forward.

    Meetings Must be Efficient Because Meetings are Expensive

    We understand how expensive inefficient meetings are, both in terms of the money and time they squander and the goodwill they slowly chip away. We understand that successful teams not only work together efficiently but also enjoy working together. That’s why we help people be better meeting leaders AND better meeting attendees.

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    Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training
  • Training for Trainers

    Our training for trainers builds the skills learning and development professionals, “accidental trainers,” and subject matter experts (SMEs) need to present information and facilitate adult learning.

    Our training for trainers focuses on improving self-awareness, helping trainers adapt to the needs of business learners, and building the insight necessary to keep training content in the business context.

    Unlearning Old Habits and Building New Ones

    Much of what we do in the training room involves asking trainers to unlearn long-held beliefs about adult learning. Some training techniques, such as ice breakers and activities that waste time, need to be carefully examined and replaced with more effective and efficient delivery approaches. During our training for trainers, we facilitate discussions and help trainers identify what content and activities should stay, what should go, and what should be updated.

    More Information » www.turpincommunication.com/offerings/training-for...

    Training for Trainers
  • Instructor Certification for "The Orderly Conversation"

    We conduct certification programs for professional trainers to train their employees (or clients) on our methodologies and the concepts explored in "The Orderly Conversation." This presentation skills train-the-trainer program is a good solution if you’re looking for scalable, cost-effective ways to bring the business benefits of more effective communication to your enterprise (or clients).

    More Information » www.turpincommunication.com/offerings/instructor-c...

    Instructor Certification for
  • Lunch & Learn Presentations

    Our Lunch & Learn presentations focus on specific applications of the concepts introduced in The Orderly Conversation and are designed to create awareness of key communication skills. Key topics include:

    • Presentation Skills
    • Meeting Facilitation Skills
    • Improving Your Executive Presence
    • Coaching Other Presenters
    • Presenting Virtually
    • Training for Trainers
    • Coaching SMEs
    • Training in the Virtual Environment

    These sessions (lunch optional) may take place at the office or in conference settings. Most can be conducted virtually.

    More Information » www.turpincommunication.com/offerings/lunch-learn-...

    Lunch & Learn Presentations

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