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TutorPro has spent 30 years at the forefront of learning technology. We have a cloud-based LMS, a unique Content Creation Tool, a powerful Performance Support System (EPSS), also known as a Just-In-Time (JIT) solution, and an array of eLearning Courses and Assessments.

Our mission is to provide an industry leading technology ecosystem, empowering businesses to solve learning and development challenges. We develop software that allows teams to have the appropriate tools they need to grow. We make training, supporting, and learning easy within any application.

Technology is ever-changing and companies are constantly evolving. Our solutions can help streamline the onboarding process, support rollouts, and assist users to understand what they do and don’t know. We help to provide the targeted training they need, right when they need it.

We use our three decades of experience in the market to ensure we're always at the cutting edge of innovation.

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  • TutorPro Learning Management System (LMS)

    TutorPro LMS offers intuitive user journeys, ensuring your learners continue to engage, and administrative tasks are made effortless.

    Push learning to your employees or build an on-demand platform. Streamline the onboarding process for new employees and reduce the time it takes to manage a blended learning program. Our cloud-based solution will help solve your organization’s learning and development challenges. Built for businesses of any size, it’s the perfect hub to support firm-wide training.

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    More Information » www.tutorpro.com/Learning-Management-System

    TutorPro Learning Management System (LMS...
  • TutorPro Athena (EPSS)

    Do your employees really know where to find the help and support they need, in their moment of need. TutorPro’s Athena can help overcome this challenge, by delivering your users exactly what they need, when they need it.

    Athena is our new Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS), the latest addition to TutorPro’s technology ecosystem. It’s also known as a context sensitive, just-in-time tool. 

    Consolidate all your resources, streamline the onboarding process and deliver the right resources at the right time. Users can get on demand access to the training and support they need, in the moment of need, without disrupting workflow.

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    More Information » www.tutorpro.com/athena

    TutorPro Athena (EPSS)
  • TutorPro Live Content Studio (Content Creation)

    We make content creation easy. TutorPro Live Content Studio can help you create and change content as fast as your ideas change. Ensuring users get the help and support they need in the application, when they need it, in real time.

    Reduce training time and increase engagement by creating learning and assessments with a difference. Guide users through the workflow, step by step, in the application. It’s easy to learn any task in any software application. Empower your learners to be taught when they actually need to know what to do. “Train users live, in real time… What does that really mean?!” Imagine someone stood behind you pointing at your screen, instructing you to click here, click there, showing you how to do something in an application. THAT’s Live Content. It’s a technology coach.

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    TutorPro Live Content Studio (Content Cr...
  • TutorPro eLearning & Assessments

    Application Simulation for Application Training…

    Application modules are interactive and engaging. Audio is included with all of the latest content, along with Job Aids/Reference Guides and Instructor Led Training Handouts. Each module is accompanied by a knowledge check to increase information retention. Separating the learning and knowledge check allows learners to test out, and focus on building skills where there may be a knowledge gap.

    Live Content for Application Training…

    Live Content will automatically proceed and work with the learner, during workflow. Simplify the users experience, and complex processes become straightforward. Reduce the room for error with the use of balloon tips. Once the learning module is complete, they can continue with the task in hand. Productivity will soar! 

    Live Content Assessments

    Use TutorPro’s Office assessments for pre-hire, new-hire...
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    TutorPro eLearning & Assessments
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