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  • Executive & Professional Coaching

    The Executive and Professional Coaching Certificate Program is dedicated to developing world-class coaches who are taught by the best to be the best. We attract students from around the globe that are looking for the optimal balance between academic rigor and practical experience. Since 2005, UTD has been the coaching program of choice for Fortune 500 companies and individuals seeking to distinguish themselves in the coaching marketplace.

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    Executive & Professional Coaching
  • MS Leadership and Organizational Development

    The Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development degree program explores essential issues associated with leadership and human systems to conduct planned interventions, using the behavioral-science knowledge that will increase an organization’s effectiveness and health. Graduates of this degree program will be able to:
    • Demonstrate a strong foundation in leadership and organizational development theory to design interventions at the system, group, and individual levels.
    • Apply best practices that stem from empirical research to issues relevant to changing individuals and groups in organizational cultural contexts and to the organizations themselves to improve effectiveness.
    • Manage and analyze change initiatives utilizing assessment tools and diagnostic methodologies.
    • Use leverage points in organizations and the human-side of motivating others to take advantage of the opportunities these points represent.
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    MS Leadership and Organizational Develop...
  • Organizational Consulting Certificate

    The Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting Program at The Naveen Jindal School of Management, The University of Texas at Dallas, has collaborated with Van Latham, PhD., a subject matter expert in consulting as well as corporate consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Dollar General, Hershey’s, Lenovo, Marriott, Standard and Poors, and Foot Locker. Together with the course taught fully online supplemented with on-going webinars we deliver a comprehensive asynchronous program that provides an end-to-end view of the content, practices methodologies and skills required to be a successful organizational consultant. This certificate focuses on the theories, frameworks and applications of organizational consulting practice in global organizational settings.

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    Organizational Consulting Certificate
  • Strategic HR Certificate

    The Certificate in Strategic Human Resources focuses on developing the HR professional’s ability to interpret business dynamics and translate them into human capital implications. The Certificate in Strategic Human Resources is offered as a Professional Certificate (non-credit) or an Academic Certificate (for credit). The Academic Certificate can also be used as a 12-credit hour Strategic Human Resources concentration as a part of the Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development. All classes are taken online.
    Learn how to:
    • Translate business strategy into organizational capabilities
    • Align organizational structure for more effective business performance
    • Recommend human capital changes to achieve business objectives
    • Assess products and services for market differentiation
    • Analyze a company’s financial health
    • Assess company culture and its impact on business performance
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    Strategic HR Certificate
  • Transformational Leadership Certificate

    Participants completing the Transformational Leadership Certificate will have the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate both present and future leadership opportunities and challenges. They will emerge from this program knowing how to motivate their direct reports, combining individual goals with those of the organization.

    Learn how to:
    • Apply the skills and knowledge to navigate leadership opportunities and challenges
    • Motivate direct reports, combining individual goals with those of the organization
    • Enhance organizational agility and respond innovatively to workforce concerns while facilitating employee growth and
    • Lead change that maximizes employee engagement and organizational effectiveness
    • Incorporate neuroscientific and Emotional Intelligence models
    • Advance workplace diversity

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    Transformational Leadership Certificate



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