E-learning Instructional Design: A Quick-and-Dirty 3-Week Tutorial

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 10:00am - 11:00am EDT  
Host: CommLab India LLP

As we are all aware, instructional designing is an important phase in eLearning development. But what does it actually involve? How can you design a highly engaging online course that provides excellent training to your people? How do you create an online learning course that meets your business needs perfectly?

Join us in the live online tutorial to avail the opportunity of learning the nuts-bolts of instructional designing from the experts, who have been designing eLearning courses for the last 14 years. These tutorials will equip you with the skills that you can apply from day 1.

In these sessions, you will learn about:

  • Session 1: Basics of Learning on July 15th
  • Session 2: ID Process on July 17th
  • Session 3: E-learning Standards 101 on July 22nd
  • Session 4: Content Comprehension on July 24th
  • Session 5: Style Guide 101 on July 29th
  • Session 6: Learning Objectives on July 31st
  • Session 7: Creating Course Outlines on August 5th
  • Session 8: Content Chunking on August 7th
  • Session 9: Audio Script Writing on August 12th
  • Session 10: Content Types on August 14th
  • Session 11: ID Strategies on August 19th
  • Session 12: Interactivities on August 21st
  • Session 13: Visualization on August 26th
  • Session 14: Assessments on August 28th

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