How to Achieve the Training Trifecta: Great Content, Simple Technology, and Dedicated Leadership

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Kiersten Hoffman, Business Development, Unboxed Technology; David Williamson, Manager, Content Strategy, Unboxed Technology; Tyler Longest, Product Manager, Spoke, Unboxed Technology; and Brian Leach, President and CEO, Unboxed Technology

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Microlearning, gamification, innovation: Everyone’s looking for the next big thing to make training better. While each is good in its own right, they have to work together to be great.

In this webcast, the presenters will share the top three requirements for effective training: great content, simple technology, and dedicated leadership. This webcast will help you:

  • Define the qualities of great training content.
  • Identify technologies that will support—not get in the way of—your training.
  • Describe how dedicated leadership drives results.


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Kiersten Hoffman
Kiersten Hoffman

Business Development, Unboxed Technology

At Unboxed, Kiersten is a great resource for clients who want us to take their teams to the next level. A strong conversationalist and focused listener, Kiersten has a knack for reading between the lines of what people say to determine what they really need. She engages with potential clients so she can help them educate and empower people in new ways.

David Williamson
David Williamson

Manager, Content Strategy, Unboxed Technology

David’s content showcases a mastery of craft, style, and, most notably, real words and complete sentences. He manages to keep his inner writerly curmudgeon restrained to the solitary predawn time of the day where he belongs. During waking hours, David is a generous and compassionate worker. He values relationships with both colleagues and clients and seizes every chance to pepper conversation with his dry wit and overdeveloped sense of humor (for better or worse).

Tyler Longest
Tyler Longest

Product Manager, Spoke, Unboxed Technology

When he was 11 years old, Tyler worked on a tomato farm for an entire summer so he could buy his first computer; he’s been tech-obsessed ever since. He loves to learn about the latest technology and how to hack his gadgets. It’s his prerogative to know his colleagues, and he always aims to connect with them on a personal level. 

Brian Leach
Brian Leach

President and CEO, Unboxed Technology

Brian oversees new business development, partnerships, client engagement, and the strategic direction for Unboxed. Brian often mentions the relationships that have shaped him, from the people he’s worked with to the family and friends that keep him grounded. He’s the first to admit that his success stems from partnering with great people who share a passion and a vision for excellence, just like the team at Unboxed.